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Lord Kubera

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Lord KuberaMoney is undoubtedly a critical element in the lives in every one. A person will get due honors only when money is available. People search in many avenues to make money may it be offering services, doing business, into manufacturing or by another moder.

Lord Kubera is the king of the Yakshas. He is the Hindu God for Money, Wealth and Richness. He is considered as the treasurer of gods and the owner of all the treasure of the world. Kubera is often depicted as a fat man, adorned with jewels and carrying a money-pot or money-bag, and a club. Needless to say, who performing Kubera Puja will not witness lack of money in the life.

It may be recalled that even the devil King of Lanka, Ravana and the almighty Lord Venkateswara has borrowed money from Kubera according to antecedents. The Idol of Kubera is installed in front of the Headquarters of Reserve Bank of India (RBI). This shows the the importance of Lord Kubera and Kubera Puja.

Kubera Yantra

The Kubera Yantra could be performed at least once in a month. Performing the Pooja will eliminate any financial troubles. The Kubera Yantra is made of either Gold, Silver or panchaloha should be kept in an almariah where money and valuables are generally kept. The Kubera Yantra enables us to enhance the inflow of money and study. There is no doubt that who performs Kubera mantra will get speedy benefits.

Kubera Trayodasi

The Kubera Trayodasi for the year 2007 falls on November 7.

Kubera Mantra

Om Yakshaya, Kuberaya, Vysravanaaya, Danadaanyathipatiye, Dhanadaanya Samudrye Dehi Daapaya Swaha

Naivedyam / Offering

Honey, White jaggery, Dry fruits
Light two lamps with ghee
Procedure for Kubera Puja

One has to take bath in the wee hours and perform puja to Lord Ganesh and then keep a Kubera Yantra in front of you. Light two lamps with ghee and offer prayers. Keep Naivedyam of Honey, white jaggery and dry fruits. Then pray the following Dyanam.


Manuja baahya vimana varustitam Garuda ratna nibam nidinayakam
Sivasakha mukutadi vibhooshitam- varadehyatam bhajam tamthilam
Agasya Deva Devesa Martsyaloka hithechyaa- poojayami vidhanena prasanna sumukobhava

Kubera Astottara Satanamavali

Om Kuberayanamaha
Om Danadaya
Om Srimate
Om Yakeshsaya
Om Kuhyakeswaraya
Om Nidisaya
Om Sankarasakaya
Om Malalakshminivasa bhuvaye
Om Mahapadmanideesaya
Om Poornaya
Om Samkyakya nidinadhayaa
Om Mukyarakya nidi priyaya
Om Sukhashousta nidinayakaya
Om Mukunda nidi nayakaya
Om Kundakya nidinadaya
Om Neela nityadepaya
Om Mahate
Om Varanityadipaya
Om Pujyaya
Om Lakshmisamrajyadhayakaya
Om Ilipilapataye
Om Kulochitaya
Om Aswaroopaya
Om Viswavamdyaya
Om Visheshagyanaya
Om Visaradaya
Om Nashakoobranadhaya
Om Manigreevapritaye
Om Ghudamantraya
Om Vaisravanaya
Om Chitralekhapriyaya
Om Ekapinkaya
Om Alakadhisaya
Om Poulastyaya
Om Kailasyasilanilayaya
Om Rayadhaya
Om ravanagrajaya
Om Chitraradhaya
Om Udyanaviharaya
Om Vihara Sukutoohalaya
Om Mahotsyahaya
Om Mahapragnaya
Om Anganadhaya
Om Somaya
Om Sowmyadigweeswaraya
Om Punayatamne
Om Puroohatasritraya
Om Sarwapunyaneswaraya
Om Nityakeertaya
Om Paramasantatamneya
Om Yaksharaje
Om Yakshinivrutaya
Om Kinnresaya
Om Kadgayudhaya
Om Vasine
Om Eesanadakshapardhastaya
Om Dharmasmuk Samstitaya
Om Niteswaraya
Om Danadakshaya
Om Astalakshmi Asritayaa
Om Manushyadharamnye
Om Skrutaya
Om Kosalakshmi samstitaya
Om Danalakshmi Nityvasaya
Om Danyalakshmi Nivasabhuvaye
Om Aswalakshmi sadavasaya
Om Gajalakshmi Stiralaya
Om Rajyalakshmi Janmagehaya
Om Dairyalakshmi Krupasrayaa
Om Akandeswaryasamyuktaya
Om Nityanandaya
Om Sukhasrayaya
Om Nityatruptaya
Om Nithitarai
Om Nrasaya
Om Nirupapradaya
Om Nityakamaya
Om Nirakshasaya
Om Nirupadikvasa
Om Bhuvaaye
Om Santaya
Om Sarvagunopetaya
Om Kuberaya

Lord Kubera in other religions

Lord Kubera appears in various other religions. In Buddhism, he is refered to as Vaisravana while in Jainism, he is known as Sarvanubhuti.

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