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Lord Sani

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Lord Sani (spelt Shani in South India) is the son of Ravi (Sun God) and Chaya Devi. Hence, Sani is also popular as Chayanandu. Sani represents the planet Saturn in our Solar System and the Saturday of any given week. He stands for justice. His affects are more severe than other and lasts longer due to the reason that Sani moves very slowly. Every human being in the universe enjoys both joys and sorrows according to the karmic effects in the past life. Sani plays an important and special role amongst all the planets. Jaimini Maharishi has opined that the effect of Sani will be critically important, particularly in the present Kaliyuga age. Information about Sani is widely available in various Puranas and dharma sastras.

Unlike the common perseption, Lord Sani never unnecessary causes hurdles to anyone. It all depends upon the punya and papa effect that the native done in the previous janmas. If the native causes problems and hurdles to any one in the previous janma, Lord Sani will present janma causes problems with the dosha like Sade Sani, Dayya etc. If Sani in uttastana or in His friendly house, the native will be blessed with all earthly pleasures like heath, wealth and so on else the native will face hurdles, problems, litigations and unnecessary disputes. If natives are consistently suffering from undue problems, it may be construed that he is under the grip of Sani. However, we can reduce the negative effects of Sani by pleasing Him in different ways and means so that we can lead a good and comfortable life. It is our endevour to give some information about Sanis birth and other details for the benefit of the natives.

Sanskrit wordsSanichyaraya, Chayasuna, Souri, Tarunitanaya, Suryasuvana
Moola TrikonaKumba
Uttacha RasiTula
Neecha RasiMesha
Direction West
Aspects3,7, 10 houses
Friendly planetsBudha and Sukra
Enemy planets Ravi, Chandra and Kuja
Gem and RudrakshaBlue Sapphire and Saptamukhi
Mother Chaya
BrotherYamadharma Raju
Sister Yamuna
GuruLord Shiva
Native placeSaurastra
FriendsKalabhiravudu, Hanuman, Budhudu and Rahuvu
Friendly houses Kumba and Makara
Favorable daySaturday
Favorable Thithi Amavasya
Sani Stars Anuradha, Pushyami and Uttarabhadra
Favorable colors and items Black, black grams, jaggery, black oil etc.
Favorable professions Iron, Steel, Cement, Coal, Petroleum, Medical and hardware
Diseases Paralysis, Cancer, Kidney, Mental problems and skin diseases
RemediesDonate the favorable items to physically challenged persons on Saturday evenings and at night times

Transit of Sani and its effects on various stars

It is fundamental tenet of astrology that no planet is either completely benefic or malefic to any native. It depends on the running dasa and antar dasa and the transit of planets. It also depends upon the star that moon was occupying at the time of birth.

Sani is a planet which is highly mystical in nature and is one of the most dreaded planets in the minds of common man. After Guru, it is the largest planet in the solar system. The average duration of two and half years of stay. Sani during its stay in Simha Rasi will be transiting through three stars ie., Makha, Purvaphaluguni and Uttaraphalguni.

Ways to please Sani Bhagavan

Sani in Simha Rasi and due to the transit, the natives of Karkataka, Simha and Kanya Rasi natives are under the grip of Elenati Sani or Sade Sani from September 6, 2004 to August 4, 2012. Natives of Vrushaba and Makara Rasi natives are under the influence of two and half years Dayya Sani. In the ancient texts, black oil and black grams have given prominence to please Sani Bhagavan. According to Puranas, the body of Lord Vishnu creates three types of grams ie., black, white and wheat colored grams. These three are said to be very holy ones. These grams are used in homas. Sani at one time or other gives both positive and negative results to the natives. He is the One to safeguard dharma by punishing the evils and make the native to realize the importance of dharma. It is difficult to please the Sani Bhagavan. The duty of Sani is to punish the natives for the sins they have committed in previous janma. To please Sani Bhagavan, natives have to surrounder themselves to Sani Bhagavan and offer prayers to please Him.

Offer prayers to Lord Shiva

Feeding poor people with food items duly mixed with salt

Donating black dress to poor people on Saturday

We can get gains by pleasing Sani Bhagavan by performing the necessary pujas. For immediate results for the natives who are undergoing Elenati Sani or Sade Sani, natives have to obverse the following.

Wear blue sapphire studded ring on the middle finger

Perform Sani Japa throughout the Sade Sani period for 108 times.
Neelanjana Samabhavam Raviputram yamagrajam
Chayamarthanda Sambhootam tam namami Sanischaram

Take one rupee black grams, 100 grams of black oil, one kilo coal, one black ribbon, 8 iron pieces, one rupee Navadanyams duly tied in a black cloth and drop it in a running water on Saturday Sani Hora.

Perform tailabhishekam to Lord Sani.

Perform abishekam to Lord Shiva

Feed the black dogs, crows, black cow.

Do not purchase oil or oil related products.

Perform sindur puja to Lord Hanuman on Saturday

On Sunday recite the following sloka.

Namo Ghobhya Srimatebhya Sowrabheyabhaye vacha
Namo Brahmasutabhya pavitrabhoya namo namaha:

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