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Home » Marriage » Why is Uttarayana an excellent period for a Happy Marriage?

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Why is Uttarayana an excellent period for a Happy Marriage?

Marriage is one the main pillar on which civilization is built on. It is also considered the legally and culturally sanctioned union with far reaching impact than any other activity that we do in our life. For embarking on such a difficult journey you need a guide who knows more than what modern science can provide. An excellent astrologer may be of great help in this. The next thing is when you you should marry. Like people living in snowy regions wish for the wonderful spring when flowers blossom up everywhere, so the people who were eagerly waiting to get married wish for Uttarayana.

Uttarayana phase of six months starting from Makara Samkranti is considered the day time of the Gods while Dakshinayana is called the night time. People wait for Uttarayana to get many good and important things done. Marriage is one such activity that is usually done in the solar months ruled by Saturn which is Makara and Kumba. It is often seen that in case of those whose marriage got delayed despite great efforts they finally get married during these two months of Saturn from the Middle of January to Middle of April.

The reason for this is because Saturn is a hurdle planet in case of delayed marriage and during the months of Saturn who earlier blocked for marriage lets them go. Avoiding the period called Harishayana which is the time when Lord Vishnu goes to sleep from Ashada Sukla to Kartika Sukla and avoiding Khara Masa, the other parts of the year is supposed to be good for marriage. Khara Masa is when Sun is in Dhannus and again when Sun is in Meena Rasi.

If you get married in the period from middle of January to middle of February or middle of February to March, then it means that you are very lucky because the Gods have just woken up and fully energetic. So there is lots of divine feelings in the air. The good news is that you have enough time before the Khara masa that starts from middle of March. If the marriage happens in Sukla Paksha, then the couple has more luck in store for them. On the day of the marriage if the star is any of the three Uttaras ie., Uttaraphalguni, Uttarashada and Uttarabhadra of if the star is is Rohini, Mrugasira, Revati, Anuradha, Swati or Hasta, then the couple should be considered really lucky.

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