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November 16, 2017: Gotri Ratri Vrat, Maasa Sivarati, Vrusthchika Sankranthi

November 18, 2017: Pradeepamavasya, Kaumudyutsaham

November 19, 2017: Anuradha Karthe, Chandra Darsanam

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Your Monthly Horoscope & predictions

Planetary position as on May 2004

Rahu with Ravi in Mesha Rasi, Sukra in Vrushaba Rasi, Sani and Kuja in Mithuna Rasi, Guru in Simha Rasi, Chandra in Kanya Rasi, Ketu in Tula Rasi and Budha in Meena Rasi.

General Predictions:

Due to adverse effects of planetary position it is indicative that some untoward incidents may occur. It is indicative that many accidents may occur either by road, rail or air. Popular personalities should be very cautious especially in respect of political leaders and TV and film artists. This month is not a fair month as there are likely hood of clashes, communal disturbances, terriorist activists may be on increase. Uniformed personnel should be very cautious.

Aries / Mesha Rasi

On financial front, it is indicative that this month is a tough time. However, timely help is indicative from friends circle. However, caution is advised while dealing with fiancés. Utmost care is advised while driving vehicles or on travel. On domestic side, this month majority of the natives may not enjoy well. Travels will not be fruitful.

Taurus / Vrushaba Rasi

On job front, utmost care is advised. A good time of cine/TV artists. On financial front it is indicative that expenditure will overcome income. There is a possibility of acquiring ornaments. Domestic harmony prevails. On health front, it is a good one. Travels may not be fetching. Utmost care is advised while dealing finances.

Gemini / Mithuna Rasi

This month is a comfortable one compared with the previous ones. Majority of the natives will be in a position to control finances. On job front, this month can be termed as a mixed one. Possibility of acquiring new ornaments are indicative. Domestic harmony prevails. On health front, more caution is advised. Prevention is better than cure.

Cancer / Karkataka Rasi

This month can be termed as a tough time for majority of the natives. Mounting expenditure is indicated. Some of the native may sell of their property. On financial front, you should plan to manage well before to mitigate unexpected expenditure. Strained relations with better half is indicated. Try to maintain cordial relations. Utmost care is advised on health front.

Leo / Simha Rasi

Financial affairs have to be dealt with utmost care. You should take maximum care in dealing financial matters. On domestic front, some clashes may occur. Try not to give any chance else you will be in trouble. More care is advised on health front. Uniformed personnel should exercise more care.

Virgo / Kanya Rasi:

Financial position will be comfortable one. Old dues if any may be recovered. On job front more care is advised. On domestic front, harmonious life is not visible. You should try to maintain more restraint. Uniformed personnel should be careful.

Care is advised while driving vehicles. Try to be far off from troublesome areas.

Libra / Tula Rasi

On job front majority of the naives feel comfortable. Financial position will be comfortable one. However, expenditure is also indicative. Planning is required. Domestic life will be normal. Try to avoid clashes with relatives. Try to keep always some funds at your disposal.

Scorpion / Vruschika Rasi
You can go ahead with any new ventures or starting up of new business in the first half. Plan your expenditure properly to avoid any borrowings. On job front majority of the natives will fare well. Avoid purchasing of new ornaments or vehicles. More caution is advised while driving vehicles. On domestic front, harmony prevails.

Remedial Measures: Pray sincerely Lord Hanuman.

Sagittarius / Dhannus Rasi

In this month, it is indicative mounting expenditure. Your plans will turn in u turn. Mental tension may prevail. On job front more care is advised. Uniformed personnel should be more careful. Domestic harmony may not prevail. Care is advised on health front. Exercise more care while driving vehicles.

Capricorn / Makara Rasi

This month can be a termed as a tight one. Majority of the natives have to borrow funds. This is not good time to sign or take up important decisions. Travels may not be fruitful. Do not give scope for arguments either at domestic front or else. Better far away from speculative activities.

Aquarius / Kumba Rasi

On job front, majority of the natives are very comfortable one. Fiancés will be suffice to meet your demands. In this month you will enjoy very well with you friends. On health front this month is a comfortable one. On domestic front, mis-understanding may prevail. Travels will be fruitful.

Pisces / Meena Rasi:

Unexpected inflow of income is indicated. However, care is advised while dealing with fiancés. On job front, care is advised. Domestic harmony may prevail. However, please do not give scope for any misunderstandings with your better half. Care is advised on health front. Travels will be fruitful.

oddess Durga Devi.

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