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March 28, 2017: Ugadi / Start of Telugu New Year / Gudi Padwa (according to Dhruganitha Sindhantam), Tailabhangam, Nimbhukusuma Bhakshanam, Prapadanam, Svetha varaha kalpadi, Start of Vasantha Navratri

March 29, 2017: Ugadi / Start of Telugu New Year / Gudi Padwa (according to Poorva Ganitha Sindhantam), Sri Hemalambha Year, Arundathi Vrat, Umasivagni Pooja, Chandra Darsanam

March 30, 2016: Siva Dolotsavam, Saubhagya Sayana Vratam, Masa Gouri Vratam, Andolana Tritiya, Sukramaudhyami Tyagam

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Home > Other Astrological Information > 2004 > Cancer / Karkataka Rasi

Predictions For Cancer / Karkataka Rasi - 2004

(Punarvasu 3,4; Pushami 1,2,3,4,; Aslesha 1,2,3,4 padas)
Income: 8 Expenditure: 2
Social Honor: 7 Adverse: 3

Generally they have ordinary physic. They are very sociable. They does good things, good education and are very cool in temperament. They are liked by all. The main thing is their attractive power. They are God fear persons. Those in the field of music,movie,water related areas will fetch well. On domestic front harmony prevails. Sometimes misunderstandings may crop up with life partners. More patience is advisable.

Favourable numbers 1,2,9, 18,11,20,27
Favourable colors Cream, White, Yellow, Red and Orange.
Favourable stones Pearl, Coral, Pusharagam
Favourable days Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Favourable Rasis Mesha, Vruschika, Dhannus, Kumba, Meena

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