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Home > Other Astrological Information > 2004 Gochara > Libra / Tula Rasi

Predictions For Libra / Tula Rasi - 2004

(Chita 3,4; Swati 1,2,3,4; Visakha 1,2,3 padas)
Income: 11 Expenditure: 5
Social Honor: 2 Adverse: 2

Guru and Kuja in Vyaya stana and Janma stana, Sani is favorable through out the year. Rahu and Ketu are in Saptama stana resulting the natives of this Rasi will fare well in all fields. So far, the problems you are facing will be wiped off slowly and enjoy a good life. Possessing of new vehicles is indicative. It is advisable to act according to wife's directions. Domestic harmony prevails. On job front, majority of the natives will get promotions. Uniformed personnel should be careful. Businessmen will fare well. Unexpected financial income is indicative. However good this year may be, caution is advised and care has to be taken care off.


Japa to be performed to Rahu and homa for Kuja and Rahu will enhance good results. It is advisable to wear Gomedekam ring and Rudraksha of 6 and 9 facets will enhance positive results.

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