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Home > Other Astrological Information > 2004 Gochara > Sagittarius / Dhannus Rasi

Predictions For Scorpion / Vruschika Rasi - 2004

(Moola 1,2,3,4; Poorvashada 1,2,3,4 and Uttarashada 1 paadas)
Income: 5 Expenditure: 5
Social Honor: 1 Adverse: 5

Guru is favorable for the natives of this Rasi throughout the year. Sani in Asthma Stana up to January Rahu and Ketu are beneficial. Due to positive aspects of planets, the natives of this Rasi will fare well in all fields. Social Honour will increase. As Guru is very strong, you will reap good benefits. Possibility of conducting auspicious functions at domestic front is indicative. On job front, majority of the natives of this Rasi will fare well. Business persons will flourish.


Naragosha yantra have to be worn and perform Goddess Durgadevi Homam will enhance good results.

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