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Home > Other Astrological Information > Elnati Sani - Its Effects-Remedies

Elnati Sani - Its Effects-Remedies

In our life everybody has to go through except some natives have to face the effects of Sani while some gets benefits while rest negatives. During the course of transit, the Sani moves from one house to another and stays in that house for 21/2 years.

If Sani is in second house from natives Rasi or in Lagna, second house, it is called elnati Sani. The total period will be 7 and half years.

If Sani in second house from natives rasi, financial loss, mental tension, agony, domestic problems, opposition in business or in job front.

If Sani is in Janma Rasi- Failure in relations with relatives, financial loss, loss of domestic happiness if some planets have a positive relationship, mixed trends prevails.

If Sani in second house - Facing unnecessary comments, miserable life and severe mental tension.

Year Month Days Effects
0 3 10 Health problems-financial loss
1 1 00 Gain in job or business front
1 8 10 Mental tension - dishonor in society
1 4 20 Financial gain-honor-fame
1 1 10 Health problems - financial loss
0 10 00 Happiness-financial gain
0 6 20 Honor- Family happiness
0 6 20 Prone to accidents-Financial loss
7 6 00  

Those natives who are subjected to negative effects of Elnati Sani, the natives have visit Navagraha temple and pour Almond oil, jaggery and Navadanyams after twenty seven times round visits the Navagras and pour the above items on Sani Bhagavan. If possible also donate black cloths to beggars and perform Navagraha pooja in Sani Bhagavan temple. To get speedy results better perform Mrutunjaya and Navagraha homas is better solution.

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