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Home » Other Astrological Information » Events / Festivals » Events 2005 » Dhana Trayodasi

Dhana Trayodasi

Asweyuja Bahula Thrayodasi or Dhana Tryodasi or Dhanteras falls on the October 30, 2005. Kubera, the Lord of Wealth or Finance as per Indian mythology, is the deity of the day. Lord Brahma gave Kubera immortality and made him god of wealth, guardian of all the treasures of the earth, which he was to give out to whOm they were destined.

For attaining money, one has to pray Lord Kubera. Sincere prayer on this day with utmost faith will make one come out of any financial worries. The statue of Lord Kubera was placed before the Reserve Bank of India shows the importance of Lord Kubera.

Kubera Mantra

Om Yakshaya, Kuberaya, Vysravanaya, Dhanadanyathipatiye, Dhana Dhanya Samruthideye Dehi Dapaya Swaha


On the day of Dhana Tryodasi, one has to place the Kubera Yantra or Photo in the Pooja room. At the outset, one has to pray the Lord Vigneswara and then start performing pooja to the Lord Kubera and seek his blessings. One has to place Honey, Jaggery and Dry dates before the photo or Yantra and light the lamp with pure ghee.

Kubera Astottaranamavali

Om Kuberayanamah
Om Dhanadayanamah
Om Srimathaenamah
Om Yakshesayanamah
Om Kuhyakeswayarayanamah
Om Nisidhananamah
Om Sanka Sakhayanamah
Om Mahalakmi Nivasbhuvayenamah
Om Maha Padama Nisidhasayanamah
Om Maha Pada Nisidhasayanamah
Om Poornayanamaha
Om Padmadeeswarayanamah
Om Sankakyanamaha
Om Nindhinadhayanamah
Om Makharakha Nidhipriyanamah
Om Sukha Soumshta Nidhiyenamah
Om Namakayanamah
Om Kundykha Nayakaya Namah
Om Neela Nityadeepayanamah
Om Mahatenamah
Om Varanityadeepayanamah
Om Pujayayanamah
Om Lakshmisamrajyadayakayanamah
Om Ilpilayapatiyenamah
Om Kosadisayanamah
Om Kulochitttayanamah
Om Aswaroopayanamah
Om Viwavandyanamah
Om Viseshagyananamah
Om Visaradhanamah
Om Nashakubranadhanamah
Om Manigravprityenamah
Om Goodhamantrayanamah
Om Chitralekha Priyayanamah
Om Ekpinkayanamah
Om Alakadisayanamah
Om Polastayanamah
Om Naravahanayanamaha
Om Kailasasailaniyayanamaha
Om Rajyadhayanamah
Om Ravanagajrayanamah
Om Chitrachaitraradhayanamah

May Lord Kubera showers blessing on all the human beings.



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