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Home » Other Astrological Information » Events / Festivals » Events 2006 » Saina Mesha Sankranthi

Saina Mesha Sankranthi

Ravi (Sun) enters in to Saina Mesha Rasi on March 20, 2006 at 11.44pm in the lagna of Dhannus. Lagna Lord Guru is in retrogation and is positioned on Vruschika Rasi. This type of planetary position indicates an instable atmosphere particularly for those who are in the fields of Research, Secret agencies or detection services.

Disturbances and threats would be marked hampering communal harmony. There is a possibility of road or rail accidents triggered by extremist organizations. Relations between neighboring could be in stain. The first-half of the year would be a tough one for popular Educationalists and Cine actors. Ruling Government will have to face a tough time with the opposition.

As both Buda and Guru are favorable aspects, we cannot get good things as they are in retrogation. As Kuja is positioned in seventh house and aspecting Budha, some scams will come to light and involvement of some political leaders may crop up. Ruling political parties will have to face internal struggle and in some states, sudden elections may take place.

However, on financial front, heavy investments will take place and foreign investments will take place. Constructions field will face a set back as some constructions my fall and earthquakes may take place.










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