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Home » Other Astrological Information » Events / Festivals » Events 2006 » Solar Eclipse Falls

Solar Eclipse Falls

The annual Solar eclipse falls on Friday, the September 22, 2006. This year it is notable that two eclipses falls in Bhadraprada month i.e,9(September). Lunar Eclipse falls on September 7, and Solar Eclipse on 22, 2006. According to the ancient astrologer Varhamihira in his Brihat Samhita said that two eclipses falls in a month i.e., solar and lunar eclipses, kings would be seriously affected as a result of revolt in their own army and there would be bloody battles. The solar eclipse can be best seen in South America, Western Africa, Guyana, Surinam, French Guyana and the South Atlantic Ocean and the Eastern Caribbean and Antarctica. However, this eclipse is not visible in India.

In the light of the above, solar eclipse occurs in Kanya rasi with Uttaraphaluni star.

The Eclipse begins at 14.10 hrs.
Annularity begins at 15.22hrs
Greatest Eclipse at 17.10 hrs
Annularity ends at 18.59 hrs
Eclipse ends at 20.10 hrs.
Total duration of the eclipse is 6.00 hrs.

The Planetary position as on September 22, 2006 is as under:

Sani in Karkataka Rasi, Sukra in Simha Rasi, Chandra, Budha , Ketu, Kuja and Ravi in Kanya Rasi Guru in Tula Rasi and Rahu in Meena Rasi. This type of planetary position with partial Kalasarpa Dosha is not a good one and may cause some serious events may occur.

According to Brihat Samhita of Varahamihira, when the eclipse occurs in Kanya rasi, the produce of the earth like crops will be badly damaged. Death of a ruler, famine epidemics, calamities to poets and painters are also not ruled out. In the case of solar eclipse, the effects will be quite intermittent. There may be some break and then again, there would be some effect of the eclipse. As the duration of the eclipse is considerably long six hours the effects aforesaid may be felt for nearly six years. Those individuals whose constellations are affected by this eclipse may suffer from financial problems, expenditure more than income and are compelled to borrow funds, expiry of a close relative is indicated. The effect of this solar eclipse would be felt after four months.

As far as astrological observations are concerned, there are four planets in the Kanya Rasi with the star of Uttaraphaluni ruled by Ravi. Kuja conjuct with Ketu can trigger very sensitive issues. Budha will behave more malefic. Gruha Malika Yoga is formed by the planets from the Karkataka rasi to Tula rasi. This combination of planets can bring blood related diseases on a large scale. Political uncertainty of the ruling party will worsen further. According to dictums, an eclipse occurring in the first Drekkana of Kanya, there is likely hood of deaths due to brain related ailments, thunderstorms, hurricane etc., may occur.


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