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Home » Other Astrological Information » Events / Festivals » Events 2007 » Lunar Eclipse falls on August 28, 2007

Lunar Eclipse falls on August 28, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse occurs on August 28, 2007. The Eclipse will be visible in the Western America and South America. However, it is not visible in India. The Lunar eclipse will adversely effect Florida, Delhas, Central America.

The eclipse falls in the Hindu months of Sravanamasam, Poornima with Satabhisham Star on Tuesday with Rahu plays a major role. Even though the eclipse is not visible in India, natives of a Kumba Rasi are advised to take necessary precautions due this Lunar Eclipse for nullifying the negative effects of the Lunar Eclipse. There may be natural disasters like cyclones, floods and bloodshed. According to New York time it is effective from early morning 4.51.16 to 8.23.30.

The total Lunar Eclipse occurs on August 28, 2007 at the ascending node of Lunar's orbit in Kumba Rasi with the star of Satabhisham in the Hindu month of Sravanamasam bright half of the month. The Moon's trajectory take it deep into Southern Umbral shadow resulting in a Total eclipse that lasts 90 minutes.

Major phases of Eclipse are as under:

Penumbral Eclipse begins at 07.53UT(Universal Time)
Partial Eclipse begins at 08.51UT
Total Eclipse begins at 09.52UT
Greater Eclipse begins at 10.37UT
Total Eclipse ends at 11.22UT
Partial Eclipse ends at 12.23UT
Penumbra Eclipse ends at 13.21UT

According to Bihat Samhita, eclipses in Airy and Fixed signs would set fourth cyclones, plane crashes and internal disputes. This eclipse also causes epidemics, diseases prevention and control, public health, health services, labour disputes etc., There will be an impact on the matters relating to ministers, scientists, Atomic theory, Stock Exchanges, astronomers, laboratories, factories, tanneries air travel etc., when the eclipe will be forming in the constellation of Satabhisham star. People will also suffer with deceases.

Only the ending of the partial phase of Lunar eclipse on August 28, 2007 will be visible at some places at Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and extreme North Eastern parts of India. Moon will be near the eastern horizon and the eclipse will at 17 hrs.54 mets IST.

Remedial measures:

During the year total Lunar Eclipse is occurring in Satabhisham star in Kumba Rasi on August 28, 2007. Those natives whose birth stars are Satabhisham or Poorvaphalguni have to follow remedial measures like performing Rudrabhishekam, reciting Vishnusahasranam and chanting of Gayatri mantra on the day. It is advised to avoid eating, drinking and indulging in sensual pleasures during the eclipse period. According to Matstya purana, the natives who are affected by stars can be nullified by performing remedial measures. During the current year, the following stars are affected by the Lunar Eclipse. The stars are Satabhisham, Uttarabhadra, Aswini, Krutika, Arudra, Pushyami, Makha, Uttaraphalguni, Swati, Anurada, Uttarashada, Moola. The remedial measures who are under check are advised to perform by making a Kalisa. Take a Kumba (a pot) ad fill it with clean water. Place Kusa grass in it with the mouth closed with a coconut and fresh mango leaves. Apply sandal wood paste and saffron to decorate along with flowers. This is called Kalisa. You have to collect clay and soil from five locations viz., Street junctions, ant moles, soil near the feet of an elephant hoof of cows and fee of Yogis and make a replica of a snake and place it in the pot. Write the following mantra on a palm leaf or a white duplex board of six inches to enable fastening around the forehead.

The moola mantra have to be recited for eleven times during the peak hours of eclipse.

"Intranolo Dandadharascha rikshaha prachethase vayu kubera isaha
Majjanma riskhe mama rasi samsthe
Somoparagm samayathu sarve"

Stars that will be effected due to Lunar Eclipse:

Satabhisham, Uttarabhadra, Aswini, Krutika, Arudra, Pushyami, Makha, Uttaraphalguni, Swati, Anurada, Moola and Uttarashada.


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