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Home » Other Astrological Information » Events / Festivals » Events 2007 » Mohini Ekadasi falls on May 27, 2007

Mohini Ekadasi falls on May 27, 2007

Vaisakha Sukla Ekadasi vrat is known as Mohini Ekadasi according to Padma Purana. Mohini Ekadasi occurs during Vaisakha Sukla Paksha month. This year Mohini Ekadasi falls on May 27, 2007.

According to Lord Krishna, one who hears and studies the glories of Mohini Ekadasi achieves the merit of giving away one thousand cows in charity. This shows the importance of this Mohini Ekadasi vrat. According to ancient dictum, that day is known as Vaisakha Sukla Ekadasi that falls on the eleventh day after the New Moon in Vaisakha month. It removes all sins and is also known as Mohini Ekadasi. Those who want to relieve sufferings, observe this auspicious Ekadasi perfectly. According to Lord Krishna, one who even just hears about this auspicious Ekadasi, the greatest sins are neutralized. On this day one who undergoes fasting purifies and destroys all kinds of sins and sorrows.

According to legends, on the banks of the Saraswati River, there was once beautiful city named Bhadravti that was ruled by Kind Dyutiman. In his kingdom, there was a merchant named Dhanapala who possed a great deal of wealth and he was also very pious. He arranged for lakes to be dug and sacrificial arenas to be erected for the benefit of all the citizens of Bhadravti. He was an excellent devotee of Lord Vishnu and he had five sons viz., Sumana, Dyutiman, Medhavi, Sukriti and Dhrishthabuddi. Unfortunately, his son Dhrishthabuddi was always engaged in sinful activities and enjoyed illicit relationship, gambling and other varieties of acts aimed at gratifying the senses. He never respected Devas, the Brahmins, the forefathers and other elders. On one day, he was forced out of his house by his father after he saw all his sinful activities. Then, all relatives of Dhrishthabuddis relatives distanced him. After he sold all his assets and become destitute, the harlot also abandoned him and insulted him because of his self inflicted poverty. As he has no alternative, he began to steal. The Kings constables arrested him many times. The Kings marshals warned him and sent out of his kingdom. He went into a dense forest and wandered hungry and thirsty, suffering greatly and began killing the animals for food. He slaughtered many species of birds and animals to maintain his sinful way of life. He led a miserable life.

One day during the month of Vaisakha, by the force of some of his past merit he chanced upon the sacred Ashrama of Kaundiya Muni. The sage had just finished bathing in the Ganges River and water was dripping from him still. Fortunately, he had the great good fortune to touch some of those droplets of water that were dripping from the great sages wet cloths. Instantly he was freed of his ignorance and his sinful reactions were reduced. He prayed Muni and begged him remedies for the sins he committed. The muni advised the importance of Mohini Ekadasi and asked him to follow to neutralize his sins. According to sages instructions and directions, he did so and became sinless. Afterwards, he achieved a beautiful transcendental form Free of all obstacles and rode upon the carrier of Lord Vishnu, Garuda, to the Supreme abode of the Lord. This is the importance of Mohini Ekadasi.


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