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Home » Other Astrological Information » Events / Festivals » Events 2007 » Partial Solar Eclipse falls on March 19, 2007

Partial Solar Eclipse falls on March 19, 2007












Planetary Position as on March 19, 2007

Rasi Chart


Sani ®










A partial Solar Eclipse appears on March 19, 2007 Monday in Meena Rasi in Poorvabhadra and Uttarabhadra constellations in the dark half of the Phalguna masam. The month of March 2007 is unique in the sense both the eclipses falls in the same month. A Lunar Eclipse appeared in the celestial skies on March 3-4, 2007.

The Solar Eclipse on March 19 starts at 6.08hrs and ends at 9.55 hrs. The Central eclipse will be visible at 8.02hrs. Regions covering most of Alaska, Eastern and Central Asia except the Central parts of Japan and Western parts of Russia will be able to witness the eclipse. The beginning of the eclipse will be visible only from the Eastern and North-Eastern parts of India. However, the middle and the ending phases of eclipse will be visible throughout the country.

Guru aspects the eclipsed luminary being placed in the ninth from Meena Rasi. The constellation lords Guru and Sani are in trines from Meena as well as from each other. The eclipse in Meena Rasi would affect the oceans, forests, scholars and those whose profession is connected to water or water products. According to old aged dictums, if two eclipses one lunar and solar falls in a month, rulers would be destroyed, revolt will surface, and bloodshed can be seen. Racist violence, bloodshed, explosion, murders and agitation may go up especially in India.

Start of the eclipse 6.08am
Middle time 8.02am
Moksha time 9.55am

Due to this solar eclipse, we advise that the natives of Poorvabhadra and Uttarabhadra natives and Meena Rasi be not supposed to view the eclipse to avoid negative effects. Performing Rudra Yagna and reciting of Mahamruntunajaya Japa will confer peace and personal benefits. During the period of eclipse, eating, sleeping and carnal pleasures are strictly to be avoided.

Effects of this eclipse on various star signs

Good Results - Vrushaba, Mithuna, Tula and Makara Rasi

Mixed Results - Karkataka, Kanya, Vruschika and Kumba Rasi

Bad Results - Mesha, Simha, Dhannus, Meena Rasi


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