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Sani in Simha Rasi

The effects of Sani in Simha Rasi for Twelve Signs based on Moon Sign.

Sani enters into Simha Rasi which is His enemy’s house on November 1, 2006 and remains there for about two and half years. Sani as a benefic instills self discipline, consistency and steadfastness so that the man will flourish both in the material and spiritual world and as a malefic, induces apathy, indifference, mean nature, fear and suspicion so that the man will lack merit, miss opportunities and creates miserable life. The effects of malefic Sani are poverty, starvation, misery, sorrow and humiliation etc., those who possess caution, carefulness, spiritualistic outlook, forbearance, perseverance and virtue will be free from the evil effects of Sani. The effects of Sani will be modified according to Dasa and antar dasa of an individual chart. Before coming to conclusion, please note that the predictions are in general and you are advised consult an eminent astrologer with your natal chart for accurate results and remedial measures.

Predictions for twelve signs

Mesha Rasi

Sani in the fifth house is said to be not favorable. It may cause disturbance, breaking of attachments, creating trouble in speculative activities. You are advised to think twice before you act. You may face some disappointments. Domestic harmony may not be a peaceful one. Ill health of your spouse is a major concern. You are likely to visit holy temple for peace. On financial front, you have to borrow funds to meet domestic needs. Pressures from creditors will be mounting. You will be prone to tension. On job front you are advised to be more careful as there are indications of adverse nature. However, uniformed persons will get recognition. Those in the field of business are advised to exercise more care and caution. The Sani will not give good results and you as a businessman should avoid or postpone new ventures.

Vrushaba Rasi

You are under the influence of Ardhastama Sani and it being a Tamramoorthy will create more problems. It throws challenges to your way of life and tests your patience. You will be subjected to problems in all walks of life. Some of the natives may face marital discord and there is a possibility of separation also. Litigation, quarrels are in store especially with your relatives. They will not come to your rescue at times of need. Dangerous financial position is indicated. Adding fuel to fire, expenditure will be on the mounting side. On domestic front you will be subjected to disturbance. Those on the job front should invariably have to exercise more care and some of the natives may leave their jobs. Change of residence is ruled out. Business people will face a tough competition. Increased loans will disturb you and pressure from creditors is inevitable. Those who are in the speculative activities are advised to be very very cautious. Control your temper else you may have to land into trouble.

Mithuna Rasi

Sani has now moved into third house which is favorable one and the sade sani is over during which period you might have witnessed various kinds of problems and turmoils. Sani will now help you to regain your lost honor and power. The period is a very promising one in all fronts. On financial front, your source of income will increase. You feel very comfortable at domestic front. It is a good time for you to start new ventures. Financially you feel more comfortable. You will freely participate in social functions and celebrations. Domestic life will be a harmonious one. Professionals will feel relaxed. On job front, you may get elevation. For business people this is a good time to start new ventures which will be fetching. However, sudden journeys are ruled out. Long pending dues will be recovered.

Karkataka Rasi

You are still under the influence of Sade Sani for another two and half years from moon sign. Being Lohamurthy, you are advised to keep your tongue under control. Hindrance will continue in all your ventures financial worries will continue. Mounting expenditure still continues. You are being misunderstood by your relatives and friends. Do not indulge into controversies. On domestic front, atmosphere may not be cordial. Fresh borrowings are ruled out. Do away from speculative activities else you may land into further trouble. Your difficulties and worries are left unnoticed. Separation may be on the cards. You may be pressurized by your creditors. On official front utmost care is advised. You may be disappointed at the place of work. Some of the natives may change their residence. Business people will have to pass a rough situation. They are advised not to go in for new ventures. Wait and watch the situation. Overall this period may not be good.

Simha Rasi

The natives are passing through Sade Sani till September 2009. As Sani is in Janma Rasi you will emotionally and mentally disturbed. On health front utmost care is advised. Even a small ailment should not be neglected. Your plans and endeavors will be thwarted by unforeseen hurdles and difficulties. Caution, care and perseverance will spare you from turmoil and hopelessness. Health problems and unwanted disputes will eat away your mental peace. On domestic front you may feel lack of peace as there is every possibility of having strained relations with yours better half. Journeys may not be fruitful. You may feel dejected and spend much of your time in brooding and despondency. One of your relatives may fall ill or face misfortune. Spiritualistic attitude will help you a lot. You may have to change your residence. Transfer to places of not choices is on cards. Exercise more care on all aspects. Environment at the place work is not satisfactory. Business persons should be more cautious in financial dealings. They may be cheated by their partners. You are advised to be tight lipped else you may have to land into trouble. Overall Sani may not be helpful to you in any way.

Kanya Rasi

You will be under the influence of Sade Sani. Sani in the twelfth house will not give good results. However, Sani will make you overcome all the evils that he can befall on you as it is said to be suvarnmoorthy. Sani stay in the constellation Makha will be troublesome causing grave health problems, loss of finance. This will make you restless. Sad experiences, loss of money and property are likely to happen. You will find it difficult to get success in your efforts and ventures. Expenditure will be on the mounting side and make you to borrow funds to meet the needs. Your adversaries will try to subdue and humiliate you. On domestic front also you feel deserted. You may be involved in some legal cases. Temporary separation is on the cards. Acts of omission and commission will land you in more problems. On health front, yu are advised to take utmost care. Even a small ailment should not be neglected. Pressures from creditors are on the mounting side. Those in the business field may find it difficult and some of the natives may shut down their business due to losses. Do not stand as surety to any one. Exercise more care while driving vehicles or handling with sharp weapons. On job front, small mistakes make you more trouble some. Overall, you are advised to exercise more care in all aspects.

Tula Rasi

You will be experiencing an excellent period. The position of Sani in the eleventh house confers you positive influence in all aspects. The stress and strain, the lost social honor and to be frank enough what ever you lost for the last two and half years will be regained. Being a Rajatamoorty, Sani becomes more powerful to bestow positive results .You are advised to be on guard as you may be deceived by your dear ones. On domestic front, you will experience a very cordial atmosphere. Old dues if any will be recovered. Your family members will cooperate with you. On job front, you will be elevated to a higher position with financial gain. Sudden wind fall is indicated. Possessing a new vehicle is ruled out. Some of the natives may get transfers of their choice. Your reputation will be enhanced. Those in the field of business will flourish well. It is a proper time to start new ventures which yield very good profits. New contracts will be signed and they will undertake new projects. Overall this period can be termed as an excellent one for the natives.

Vruschika Rasi

Sani moves into tenth house are not a favorable one. Being a Lohamurthy, Sani will cause more damage and the unfavorable Sani will bring failures in all areas. You may drive to wrong path. Control your emotions and angers else face consequences. Delayed results are indicated. You may be involved in unlawful activities for financial gain. Some of the natives may change their residence. On domestic front also you may not be happy. Flirtation and extramarital relations will lead to marital discord. Do not give scope for separation. One of your nearest relatives’ health may cause more tension. On job front also you may be subjected to heavy work. Some of the natives will be transferred to far off places and even some may be involved in inquiries. Take care of your personal health. Exercise more care while driving vehicles. For business people this is not a proper time. Some of them may run into losses. You are advised to be away from speculative activities which may cause loss of finance. Overall, utmost care has to be exercised in all aspects.

Dhannus Rasi

Generally Sani in the ninth house is not favorable one. It will not help you in any way. Financial loss, legal problems, wasteful journeys are indicated. You will not be able to fulfill your commitments due to increase in expenditure. One of your relatives’ health will be at stake. On domestic front, strained relations with your spouse are indicated. On job front you should exercise more care and caution. You have to pay heavy penalty for a small mistake. Some of the natives will be moved. Exercise more care on health front. Despite odd, you will perform an auspicious function at your house. Those in the filed of business are advised to be very cautious. Some of the natives have to take up legal battle. They may find it difficult to face the challenging situation. It is not a proper time to start new ventures. Overall, this period can be termed as a mixed one.

Makara Rasi

The transit of Sani in the eighth house is called Astama Sani which is totally not favorable. Sani may cause much damage to the naïve like spoil of health, wealth etc., Exercise more care while driving. On health front utmost care is advised and even a small ailment should not be neglected. Your plans will be delayed. Some unfortunate event may take place. Domestic harmony will be disturbed. Undue delay is indicated in recovering the dues due to you. On job front, exercise more care and caution. Business persons will face a set back. As long as Sani stays in Simha Rasi, you should be more careful in all aspects. As a whole this period will not be a fetching one to majority of the natives.

Kumba Rasi

Sani moves to seventh house, the house of your life partner and public dealings. It also aspects the fourth house and as a result it may disturb your domestic and conjugal happiness. Misunderstandings, separation, grief and miscalculation of all affairs will make you sad. Your financial position does not look bright but you can able to fulfill your commitments. Expenditure on medical grounds will be prominent. Unexpected and sudden journeys are likely. Domestic peace is likely to be disturbed as quarrels with your siblings and relatives are on cards. Some of the natives may go abroad. Income from fixed property is likely to get. You may undertake a pilgrimage. On job front, you will maintain normalcy. A positive out look is the need of the hour. Some of you may change the job. You will have mixed results during this period. Business persons may find the period tough to some extent. Do not give scope for opponents to dominate you. You may be answerable to Governmental organizations.

Meena Rasi

Sani in the sixth house is highly favorable. Those natives who have suffered so far with relationship reasons may regain and maintain cordial relations You will enjoy domestic harmony. On Financial front, you will increase your finances. Some of the natives may receive fiancé from Government, policies and fixed deposits. Litigations if any will be settled. Sudden windfall is indicated. On job front, you will get a promotion or transfer to the place of choice is ruled out. You will have additional responsibilities which you have to shoulder. It is a god time for the business people to expand their business. You will receive good cooperation from your partners. Speculative activities will be gainful.

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