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Guru In Vruschika Rasi

Guru In Vruschika Rasi And Itís Effects On Twelve Signs According To Gochara.

Lord Guru is an important planet that decides and dictates natives luck. Guru decides oneís luck or back luck depending upon its movements. However, the dasa period will have to be taken into consideration for deciding whether Guru gives luck or not. If Gochara is strong, it gives more benefits else negative effects can be foreseen. We have to see the Gochara from Moon in which it is positioned. 2007. Out of all the twelve Moon signs, the natives of Meena Rasi are most benefited and other signs that are benefited on Tula, Karkataka and Mesha Rasi .Here we give hereunder the effects of Guru to twelve signs.

Guru enters into Vruschika Rasi on October 28, 2006 and it way stay for one year. Guru will be in Vruschika Rasi till November 22, 2007 and will in retrogression from April 6, 2007 to August 6. Sani moves to Simha Rasi on November 1, 2006 and will be there for after Guru leaves Vruschika Rasi and Sani also goes in retrogression from December 6, 2006 to April 21, 2007. During the transit period Rahu and Ketu also moves to Kumba Rasi and Simha Rasi respectively

Predictions for twelve signs

Mesha Rasi

For the natives of this Rasi, Guru moves to eighth house which is not favourable one and it is in asthma guru may not helpful. Adding fuel to fire the present Ardhastama Sani in the fourth house for a so long period make you tension. However, from November 2007 Guru aspects on 12th, 2nd and 4th house will give benefits pertaining to those houses and Sani and Ketu in the fifth house may not be good while Rahu in the eleventh house gives excellent results. On personal front you will have cordial relations with your spouse. You will maintain cordial relations with your relatives. Sometimes miseries are foreseen. Expenditure will be on the mounting side. You should be cautious about your health. Some of the natives will land into legal problems and court cases are unavoidable. As far as possible, avoid travels as these may be tedious and risky and could effect your health. Health will be at stake as you are subjected to travel very frequently. Some of the natives may resign their present job and moves to another one. Business persons may run on losses and some of the native will be subjected to close their business. If Dasa period is not good you may get some adverse results. It is advised to consult an eminent astrologer for personal calculations and remedial measures.

Vrushaba Rasi

Guru in the seventh house gives very good results and in addition his aspect on 11th, 1st and 3rd houses would also bestow some more benefits in respect of acquiring a house of landed property. Natives are under the influence of Ardhastama sani which is not good. It gives adverse results. As Rahu in the tenth house which gives mixed results while Ketu in the fourth house are also not encouraging. You will organize an auscipicious function at your residence. Marriages of your children are in store. Business people will yield considerable profits. Partnership business will flourish. Those in movie field will move high. On health front, you will enjoy robust health. Victory is on your side. Those separate will come closer. The troubles you have faced so far will fade away gradually. Those in the job front will enjoy a congenial atmosphere. Financial position is good. You will have to travel frequently which is beneficial one. You will have a pleasant time with your spouse. Complete domestic harmony is assured. You will be blessed with all kinds of happiness. It is advised to consult an eminent astrologer for personal calculations and remedial measures.

Mithuna Rasi

Guru in the sixth house is not good but his aspect on the tenth, twelfth and second house will give benefits. However, Sani and Ketu in the third house will give good and excellent results. Ketu in the ninth house may not give desired results. You are advised to take care of your friends who are likely to turn as enemies. There is a possibility of threat from enemies. Better be away from troublesome persons. Do not indulge in controversial issues. Utmost care has to be taken on health front. Control your emotions. Do not be provoked. Some of you may have to borrow funds. It is indicative that the money you lent earlier is difficult to get back. Exercise utmost care on financial front. There is a possibility of involving into court cases. Complete care in all aspects is advised. Those in the job front may knock your door for new openings. Do not slip the opportunity that comes into your way. A notable point is that earning money is not difficult but retaining the same is difficult. Avoid travels as there is a possibility of involving into an accident. Keep an eye on your health front and even a small ailment should not be neglected.

Karkataka Rasi

Guru in the fifth house gives excellent results. Guru aspects ninth, eleventh and first houses also render excellent results. The Sani is positioned in second and Rahu in the eighth and Ketu in the second house are not good and the natives are under the influence of Elenati sani which gives some troubles. However due to the power of Guru, the negative effects will be reduced. When Guru transits in the fifth house, the native will be blessed with children. Expansion of good friendship is in store that will help you at times of need. Those natives in the job front will get financial gain and also promotions. Business persons will flourish. On domestic front, cordial relations will be on the high side. Your social status will be on the high side. However, we advise the natives to be diligent while driving vehicles or handling with sharp items. Guard yourselves against fire. Lady luck will definitely strike the bells. Long distance travels are in store either on pilgrimage or on job work. Those aspiring abroad will have good chances. Domestic happiness is good.

Simha Rasi

Guru moving in the fourth house is not good and it aspects on eighth, tenth and twelfth houses may not bring good results. Adding fuel fire Elenati sani is also cause some unfavorable situations. It is also called Kandaka Sani. Tensions will be on the mounting side. Expenditure will be on the high side. There is every possibility of having clashes with your relatives and even your dearest one. Utmost care and caution has to be exercised. Varity of problems will haunt you. You should build up will power. Some of the natives will be away from residence also. On domestic front, you may have to lead disturbed life. On job front, due promotions will be delayed. Some of you may sell of property. Those in the field of stock market may loose huge amounts. Utmost care has to be exercised on health front. Exercise caution while on travel. Last but not the least we are left with no other go to say that utmost care has to be exercised on health front in addition to other things.

Kanya Rasi

Guru will be in the third house is not good and his aspect on seventh, ninth and eleventh houses will be favourable. Sani and Ketu in the twelfth house may not give good results. The first phase of Elenati Sani that will be operative which not favourable one. Mounting tension is on the cards. You may be subjected to humiliation both from house and at the place of work. Frequent travels will eat your pockets. There is every possibility of having clashes with your mother, and even with your dearest ones. Separation is possible. If you undertake construction or purchase of fixed assets, utmost care has to be exercised. Mounting expenditure will make you sleepless. Some of the natives will be away from their residence. Court cases, police cases are indicated. Those in the job front, some of the natives may quit of may not get desired cooperation. Transfers to far off places are possible. You are advised not to show off in a cavalier fashion and venture on unfruitful activities. Some of the natives will change the residence. Business people should be more careful in financial dealings.

Tula Rasi

Guru will be in the second house which is an excellent one and his aspect on sixth and eighth and tenth houses will bring in some good happenings. Sani and Ketu in the eleventh give more favourable results. This is a proper time and you will come out of the difficulties so far you have faced. Try to control your temper and avoid misunderstandings. You will regain name and fare that was last during the last few years. Financially you will be very sound. Those involved in the court cases will get favourable judgments. Those on the job front will get elevation. New openings are in store. Old dues if any will be recovered with much ease. Those natives in fields of astrology, Vaastu, media persons will be the best benefited. The lost domestic harmony will be regained. You will enjoy all earthly pleasures. Over all this transit of Guru will boost up your energies.

Vruschika Rasi

Guru in the first house is not good but his aspects on the fifth, seventh and ninth house will give excellent results. This period will give you mixed results. Maintain cordial relations with one and all and do not give any scope for quarrels. Some of you may get settled in life. Wedding bells will ring. Despite increase in income expenditure will follow. Plan your finances very carefully. Control of emotions else you may land into troubles. Even is a small ailment requires medical attention. Some of you may undertake pilgrimages. Some of the natives will change their residence. On job front transfers are indicated. Beware of your enemies. We advise the natives to take up remedial measures to minimize the negative effects.

Dhannus Rasi

Guru in the twelfth house is not good but itís aspects on fourth, sixth and eighth houses give some good results. Sani and Ketu in may not give good results. You will maintain very good cordial relations with your near and dear. Successes in your efforts are in store. On career front, change of position is likely. Business people will flourish. The outstanding loans if any will be cleared during the period. Some of you may inherit property. You may purchase a vehicle. We advise you to be away from speculative activities. On health front, you will maintain normalcy. Care has to be exercised while driving vehicles. Think twice before you take any decision. Some of the natives may be subjected to unnecessary comments. There may be loss of some property. Guard yourselves against thieves.

Makara Rasi

Guru in the eleventh house is an excellent one and it aspects third, fifth and seventh houses will boost up further. However, the Sani in the eighth house will not give favourable results like wise Rahu in the second and Ketu in the eight are also not favourable. This period is good for marriage. All your wishes will be fulfilled. However due to the presence of Sani some projects may be delayed. Think twice before you act. Keep an eye on your secret enemies. You may get a job or those in service will get promotion and get transfers of places of their choice with financial gain. We advise you to take care of your health. You may be blessed with a child. Business people will earn good profits. Agriculturalists, Doctors, Lawyers and Contractors will gain good financial benefits. Some of you may undertake a pilgrimage. With more efforts you can get excellent results. This is a good time to start new projects.

Kumba Rasi

Guru in the tenth house may not be a favourable one but its aspects on second, fourth and sixth will bestow many a good thing. Sani in the seventh house is not good but Rahu in the first and Ketu in the seventh are favourable. This is a period of endurance rather than enjoyment. Your relationship with your mother and near and dear will be cordial. Avoid friendship with opposite sex. Your enemies may raise their heads again. There are chances of going far off places including foreign trips. You may acquire some flat or a car of your choice. On health grounds, you are advised to take more care. Frequent travels are on cards. Do not indulge into unnecessary arguments. Business persons will face stiff competition. You have to act according to prevailing circumstances.

Meena Rasi

Guru in the ninth house is a very favourable one. Sani and Ketu in the sixth house would be excellent where as Rash in the twelfth house may not be good. Guru aspects first, third and fifth houses bestow excellent results. You will enjoy all happiness and prosperity. Your family members will be happy. One of your relativeís health will be at risk. On job front, majority of the natives will reap the good results. You may have power and authority. Your financial situation will be excellent. You may purchase gold ornaments. You are advised to safe guard your property. On health front, you will maintain good health. There will be cordial relations with your better half which you have failed during the last few years. Overall this period can be termed as an excellent one.

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