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March 28, 2017: Ugadi / Start of Telugu New Year / Gudi Padwa (according to Dhruganitha Sindhantam), Tailabhangam, Nimbhukusuma Bhakshanam, Prapadanam, Svetha varaha kalpadi, Start of Vasantha Navratri

March 29, 2017: Ugadi / Start of Telugu New Year / Gudi Padwa (according to Poorva Ganitha Sindhantam), Sri Hemalambha Year, Arundathi Vrat, Umasivagni Pooja, Chandra Darsanam

March 30, 2016: Siva Dolotsavam, Saubhagya Sayana Vratam, Masa Gouri Vratam, Andolana Tritiya, Sukramaudhyami Tyagam

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Home > Other Astrological Information / Astrological Analysis of Festivals / Partial Solar Eclipse on 14th October 2004

Solar EclipsePartial Solar Eclipse on 14th October 2004

Partial Solar eclipse will take place in the South west corner of the natural zodiac in Virgo which falls on Thursday the 14th October 8, 2004.

Partial Eclipse begins at 06.25am (IST)
Greatest Eclipse occurs at 08.29am (IST)
Partial Eclipse ends at 10.34 am (IST)

The Solar eclipse occurs when Moon blocks out the Sun. The partial Solar is taking place in Virgo and is visible from some places in the northern hemisphere. Northeastern Asia, the Pacific Ocean and parts of Alaska will fall within the Moon’s penumbral shadow. Partial Solar eclipse is visible in northeastern parts of China, Russia, Japan, Western parts of Alaska and Pacific Ocean.

The eclipse is taking place when the transit of planets forms a powerful Kalasarpa Yoga and the Sun is on his way to delibitation. Naturally, the Sun becomes weak. The eclipse is taking place in the destructive asterism of Chitta, owned by Mars, the most dangerous planet for Virgo which is the host for the eclipse. Jupiter, maraca for Virgo is with Mars in the constellation of Hasta owned by Moon which is causing the eclipse. Jupiter rules Thursday and as the eclipse is taking on Thursday and as a result it reinforces the destructive power of the planet.

The Sun, Mars, Moon and Jupiter are casting their aspect on Pisces which represents Northeast corner ruled by Devatas. This indicates terrorist group, underworld dons, Criminal gangs and aiming at the Government establishments, diplomatic missions and decision makers. Most of the planets are in Kalasarpa Yoga and situated in the southern hemisphere of Natural Zodic are threateningly aspecting the Northeastern part.

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