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Tulasi Vivaha

About Tulasi Vivaha

Legend says that Lord Vishnu married Tulasi (a manifestation of Goddess of Lakshmi) on Sukla Paksha Dwadasi. This day is celebrated as Tulasi Vivaha Day. Ceremonial marriage of Tulasi plant with Lord Vishnu is performed on this day. In some houses, the images of Lord Vishnu and Tulasi are kept for three days i.e., from Navami to Ekadasi and worshipped and later they are married on the Dwadasi day. According to Vedas, food cannot be taken in the houses where Tulasi plant is not there. More effective information we can get from Skada Puranam and Padma Puranam. Those who worship Tulasi plant on Karteeka month will be benefited in all angles especially on financial front.

Tulasi Gayatri


When is Tulasi Vivaha?

Tulasi Vivaha falls on the following days in the respective years:

2008: Monday, November 10
2007: Monday, November 10
2006: Tuesday, November 2

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