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November 16, 2017: Gotri Ratri Vrat, Maasa Sivarati, Vrusthchika Sankranthi

November 18, 2017: Pradeepamavasya, Kaumudyutsaham

November 19, 2017: Anuradha Karthe, Chandra Darsanam

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All about Rudrkshas

Rudrkshas Are The Gifts Given By Supreme Lord Siva. The Effects Will Be More Positive And Very Effective. Negative Vibrations Will Not Reach The Person Wearing Rudraksha. They Are May Facets Of Rudhraks. Here Some Of The Important Ones Are Given.

1.One Facet Rudraksha: It Is Having One One Facet. It Is Very Rare And Very Powerful. The Ruling Planet Is Sun.The Persons Who Is Undergoing Ravi Mahadasa Or Sub Das Can Wear It. The Person Who Possess The Same Will Possess All Tantrik Powers. They Will Not Have Any Problems Of Any Nature In Their Life.

2.Two Facets Rudraksha: It Posssess Two Facet.The Person Who Wears Will Increase Kundali Sakti The Ruling Planet Is Moon.The Person Who Is Undergoing Chandra Maha Dasa Or Antardasa Can Wear It.The Rudraka Is Used To Cure Eye Defects, Heart, Lungs And Kidney.

3. Three Facets Rudraksha: It Possess Three Facts. The Ruling Planet Is Mars. The Person Who Is Undergoing Mars Dasa Or Antar Dasa Can Wear The Same To Ward off Mars Negative Effect.

4. Four Facets Rudraksha: It Possess Four Facets. The Persons Who Wears The Rudraksha Have Immense Memory Power.

5. Five Facets Rudraksha: It Posses Five Facets. The Ruling Planet Is Guru. The Persons Who Are Running Guru Maha Dasa Or Antar Das Can Wear The Same To Overcome The Negative Effects.

6. It Possess Six Facets. It Is The Incarnation Of Lord Kartikeya. It Controls Blood Pressure,Hysteria Etc.,

7. It Possess Seven Facets.The Ruling Planet Is Sani. The Persons Who Are Undergoing Satrun Period Or Sub Period Can Wear The Same To Ward Of Negative Effects.

8. It Possess Eight Facets. The Ruling Planet Is Rahu. The Persons Who Are Undergoing Rahu Maha Dasa Or Antar Dasa Can Wear It To Wardoff Negative Effects. It Gives Spiritual Attainment.

13. It Posses 13 Facets And The Ruling Planet Is Sukra. The Persons Who Are Undergoing Sukramaha Dasa Or Sub Dasa Can Wear It To Get Maximum Benefits. It Gives The Wearer To Fulfill Desires Of Any Nature.

14. It Possess 14 Facets And Being The Supreme One. It Is More Powerful To Overcome The Adverse Effects Of Saturn. The Wearer Is In A Position To Know The Things That May Likely To Happen Well Before.

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