Lord Sani and His effects on human beings

In our life every body fears about Sani Bhagavan. His effects are more and cause miseries in our daily life if not properly placed in the natal horoscope. However, he may be, he can not escape from the aspects of Lord Sani.

Makara and Kumba are his own houses. He is exhalted in Tula and deliberate in Mesha Rasi. The natives born in the stars Pushami, Anooradha, Uttarabhadra are being governed by Sani Their life starts from Sani Mahadasa.

In the natal horoscope, if Sani is placed in 4,6,8,12 houses, or the native is running with Sani Mahadasa or in Mesha Rasi causes more miseries and faces more difficulties beyond the native’s control. For pleasing Sani, the native has to perform Japa (19000) and regular prayers to Sani on Saturdays.


•  During this period the native is prone to gain finances and starts new ventures, which ultimately results in losses. On job front, the native has to face difficulties, change of places, divorces and court cases etc.,

•  In Sani Antar Dasa, Sani causes ill health, financial losses, mental disability etc.,

Let us examine the effect of Sani in natal chart

•  If a native born in Sani in Lagna, the native is very sensitive, more affectionate, frequent quarrels, postponement of works etc.,

•  If Sani is placed in 7 th house, he is prone to angry, sadistic pleasures, he will do immoral things etc.,

•  If Sani is associated with Chandra, there is a possibility of delay in marriage, instability etc, They will become great astrologers and possess tantric things.


The total period of Sani period at present is 7 ½ years. There are three effects 1. Elenati Sani, Astama Sani and Ardhastama Sani.

Elenati Sani period is 7 ½ years. During this period it causes more miserable life. Sani will be in a house for 2 ½ years. It is positioned in the first house of the native house for 2 ½ years and natives’ house 2-½ years and the next house 2 ½ years. The total span of the period of Sani is 7 ½ years. It causes the native more and more negative effects.viz. Financial problems, dishonor, divorces etc.

Astama Sani consists of 2 ½ years. It is known as it Sani is placed in the 8 th house from the native Rasi. During this period, it may cause danger to life, friends will become foes, divorces etc.

Ardhastama Sani consists of 2 ½ years. If Sani is placed in the 4 th house from the native’s house, it causes financial difficulties, problems in job front, clashes between betterhalfs etc.

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