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Yoga and its Effects

Yoga, according to the Hindu Astrological system is referred as a specific period of an individual.

Any one of several paths of spiritual discipline intended to lead a person to deliverance from samsara and the realization of moksha--i.e., to at-onement with ultimate reality. Specifically, it means a "yoking" of the self by spiritual discipline, a method of training designed to lead to union of the human spirit with ultimate reality and release from the limits of the individual ego. Also called margas (paths to salvation). Normally following a yoga involves apprenticeship to a guru (spiritual teacher or guide).

In the universe, finance is one of the prime factors for any individual life. Without financial status, one’s life may become misery. It determines and dictates terms to the individual life. It is our endeavor to inform some yogas which will determine one’s financial status.

Movable sign having a planet or many planets gives the native some wealth, any two of the chara rasis occupied by planets brings honour and regards for the naïve. The native will be having the capacity to mesmerize the public at large, if three movable signs are filled by planets, the native has a very good appearance and wealth like Kubera (the God of wealth) when all charas having in them.

If any one planet is exalted, the native may get something, when two planets are positioned in their exaltation signs then the native will be wealthy person and if three planets are getting exalted the native lives like a king.

9th lord, the Bhagyadhipati most likely as ‘Lakshmi Yoga’. If 9th lord is positioned or in any Kendra this Yoga is formed. The native having this yoga maintains a luxurious life like a king and leaves his life at any pilgrim or holy place.

If many planets are situated in their own houses, the native will be a shining person in his family so many good qualities like deedful, famous, and cheerful and will become wealthy and rich person.

Gajakeshari Yoga
The Gajakesari yoga is formed when Jupiter is positioned in the lagna making a quadrant position from the moon. The native with this yoga rises to the peak from a very below standard.

Sunapha Yoga
This yoga also makes a person rich. If the 2nd house from the moon occupied by any planet other than the Sun this yoga operates.

Anapha Yoga
Like Sunapha yoga, when the 12th house is occupied by another planet than the Sun this yoga is formed.

Sampati Yoga
When Venus be in Libra being the 5th house associated with Saturn, the great Sampati yoga is formed and as a result the native improves a lot in his life as the case may be.

Vitta Yoga
If the moon and Jupiter both are positioned in the 11th house and own house, the Sun is in the 5th, this yoga is formed. The native will get a lot of wealth but not by wrong means.

Amala Yoga
Any benefic planet be in the 10th house from the Moon, this yoga is formed and the native will be fortunate in financial matter with this yoga.

Shree Yoga
This yoga makes a person wealthy when Gemini or Libra is positioned in the 5th house with the moon and Mars in 11th house, this yoga is formed

Kamala Yoga
If Makara Rasi or Kumba Rasi will be the 5th house and Mars be the with Mercury situated in the 11th in the same chart is called as Kamala Yoga. This yoga and Shree yoga are the names of Mahalakshmi.

Rajahansa Yoga
When all planets are situated in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius, this famous yoga formed. If this yoga formed, the native will possess a prestigious position in the society and a very good financial status.

Mahabhagya Yoga
When a male born in day time having any odd sign as the Ascendant (lagna) and the Sun and Moon also positioned in odd signs this yoga is caused. Like wise a female born in the night having her Lagna, the Sun and Moon in even signs this famous yoga is formed. The native will become more influential in life.

Srimukh Yoga
If Jupiter, Venus and the Sun are positioned in the Ascendant, 9th and 10th respectively this yoga is formed. The native will get sudden income in life.

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