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Wednesday 25th November, 2015: Kaarthika Pournami / Kaarthika Poornima, Karthika Deepam, Full Moon Day, Krithika Vrat, Rasayatra

Sunday 29th December, 2015: Sankatahara Chaturthi, First Sunday in Advent

Tuesday 1st December, 2015: World AIDS Day

Wednesday 2nd December, 2015: Chehlum

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Horoscopes of LK Advani - Former Deputy Prime Minister of India and leader of Bharateeya Janatha Party

Shri Lal Krishna Advani was born on 8th November 1927 At 9.16am. The Planetary Position At The Time Of Birth Is Chandra In Mesha, Rahu In Vrushaba, Sukra In Kanya, Ravi, Budha And Kuja In Tula, Lagana Vruschica With Combination Of Saturn And Ketu And Guru In Meena Rasi. Shri Advani Is Right Now Running A Very Favourable Guru Mahadasa And Sub Dasa Is Chandra Up to 30.04.2005. A Well Placed Planetary Position And Excellent Guru Dasa And Antar Dasa Will Bring Laurels To Him. Despite His Good Period Running Caution Is Advised On Health Front. It Is Very Indicative That The Day Is Not Too Far For Him To Reach The Highest Position Of The Country. In My Personal Analysis That More Favourable Things Will Take Place Only From 31st March 2003.

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