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Home > Weekly Horoscope & Predictions > Predictions for 2004 > Horoscope for 20-26 December, 2004

Your Weekly Horoscope & predictions

Check your weekly horoscope for the period 20-26 December, 2004

This Week For You
(Predictions Are Based On Moon Sign)

Planetary Positions

Rahu with Chandra in Mesha Rasi, Sani in Karkata Rasi, Guru in Kanya Rasi, Ketu in Tula Rasi, Budha, Kuja, Sukra in Vruschika Rasi and Ravi in Dhannus Rasi.

Planetary movements:

From 15-12-04 Ravi in Dhannus
From 16-12-04 Kuja in Vruschika Rasi
From 06-12-04 Budha in Vruschika Rasi
From 27-08-04 Guru in Kanya Rasi
From 11-12-04 Sukra in Vruschika Rasi
From 06-09-03 Rahu in Mesha Rasi
From 06-09-03 Ketu in Tula Rasi
From 05-09-04 Sani in Karkataka Rasi

General Predictions


The planetary position indicates that there may be turmoil in the social activitists. There is every possibility of accidents either rail, road or air. Every care is advised while driving vehicles. Agitations may go up. The peace talks with extremist groups may not take place. Some of the prominent political leader/cine/TV artiste’s health may be at stake.

Things will be delayed in all fronts. Overall this week seems to be not a favorable one in general. Long distance travels may not be fruitful. Some of the financial organizations may turn off their boards.

Aries / Mesha Rasi

(Aswani, Bharani, Krutika 1st pada)
(March 20th to April 19)

Your ability to adopt a healthy attitude will do you good. Some of the natives may feel as if they have been used and taken advantage of. On financial front, this week is a comfortable one. Care has to be exercised while dealing financial matters. Do not give any scope for arguments. Domestic harmony may prevail.

Travels will be fruitful. It is indicative that some sudden changes will take place. Maintain cordial relations to avert untoward situation.


Perform Japa to Lord Guru

Perform Tailabhishekam on Amavasya day till 13 th January 2005.

Taurus / Vrushaba Rasi

(Krutika 2,3,4 , Rohini, Mrugasira 1st and 2nd pada)
(April 19th to May 20th)

Better continue the habit of minding your own business else you may land into trouble. One of your relative’s health may cause some concern. You should be exercise more caution on all fronts. Your social honour may go up. Your better half will cooperate you in difficult situations.

Relax yourself. Some auscipicious occasion may be conducted at your domestic front. Domestic harmony will prevail. All problems you are facings will ward off gradually. All pending works will be settled. On financial front, timely help from financial organizations or your relatives will give maximum relief. Travels will be fruitful. Better avoid speculation.


Better perform Japa to Lord Shiva and seek his blessings.

Pray sincerely to Lord Guru

Gemini / Mithuna Rasi

(Mrugasira 3rd and 4th, Arudra, Punarvasu 1,2 and 3rd pada)
(May 20th to June 21)

This week majority of the natives need to exercise more care on health grounds. One of your relatives will make a surprise to you. Pending problems if any will be solved during the second half of the week.

This week can be termed as a good week. Utilize every opportunity that comes into your way. Domestic harmony will prevail. On financial front, you will be more comfortable one. Travels will be fruitful.


Perform Suryanamasakrams to Lord Sri Suryanaryanaswamy atleast once in a month.

Donate black grams on Saturday or Monday.

Cancer / Karkataka Rasi

(Punarvasu 4th pada, Pushami, Aslesha)
(June 21st to July 22nd)

This week indicates some delay in your affairs. There is a possibility of having clashes with your relatives. Hence, caution is advised while dealing with your close relatives.

On financial front, though mounting expenditure is indicative, some of your friends will come to your rescue. Your social honour will increase. It is advised to plan yourself according to your needs else you may have to miss the bus.


Perform Japa to Lord Shiva.

Donate red grams on Tuesday in any temple.

Leo / Simha Rasi

(Makha, Pooravphalguni, Uttaphalguni 1st pada)
(July 22nd to August 23rd)

Compared with the previous week, this week seems to be a better one. On financial front majority of the natives will be in a comfortable position. There is a possibility of acquiring fixed assets. On job front, some of the natives should be very careful in their routine work.

Your services will be recognized by your higher ups. Domestic harmony will prevail. Care has to be exercise while driving vehicles. Care is advised while dealing with ladies and keeps an eye on your secret enemies.


Perform Tailabhishekam to Lord Sani on any Amavasya day upto 13 th January 2005.

Virgo / Kanya Rasi

(Uttaraphalguni2, 3, 4, Hasta, Chitta 1, 2)
(August 23rd to September 22)

Stress and strain may cause you some tension. There is a possibility of involving yourself into a controversy. Hence, care is advised. Domestic harmony may not be there. Overall more care is advised in all fronts. Expected results may not come into your way.

Despite comfortable position on financial front, lack of peace of mind may cause you worry. Possibility of hearing a bad news is in store. Travels will not be fruitful. Domestic harmony may not prevail.


Pray sincerely to Lord Sri Suryanarayana Swamy and recite Adityahrudayam.

Libra / Tula Rasi

(Chitta 3, 4, Swathi, Visakha 1, 2, and 3)
(September 22nd to October 23rd)

Financial gain is indicative during this week. At the same time, expenditure will be there. However, timely assistance from your friends will guard your image. Domestic harmony may not prevail.

Unexpected income may come in you way. Utilize every opportunity that comes into your way. One of your relative may surprise you on 23 rd or 24 th. Good news is in store. Travels will be fruitful. On job front your services will be recognized by your superiors


Exercise more caution from 23 rd to 25 th on important issues.

Perform Milk Abhishekam to Lord Rahu

Perform Durga Pooja regularly.

Scorpion / Vruschika Rasi

(Visakha 4, Anuradha, Jesta)
(October 23rd to November 22)

This week is a better one compared with previous weeks. Travels will be fruitful. Progress will be seen in your affairs. On job front some of the natives will be moved to their place of choice.

Travel will be fruitful. On financial front, better think twice before you take any decision. Care has to be exercised while driving vehicles. Domestic harmony will prevail. Speculation will be fetching.


Exercise abundant caution from 25 th to 28 th on important issues.

Recite Navagraha Stotra everyday.

Donate Red grams on Tuesday in any temple.

Sagittarius / Dhannus Rasi

(Moola, Poorvashada, Uttarashada 1)
(November 22nd to December 21)

Care has to be exercised on health front as there is every possibility of ill health. Timely intake of food to some extent will guard you. Care is advice on the health of your better half. Stress and strain is indicative. Exercise more care while driving vehicles.

On financial front, there may be some problems in fixed assets. Travels may not be fruitful. Care is advised on 23 rd or 24 th. One of your close friends will come to your rescue at times of need.


More caution is advised from 28 th to 30 th.

Perform Tailabhishekam to Lord Shiva on any Amavasya day or on any Saturday

Capricorn / Makara Rasi

(Uttarashada 2, 3, 4; Sravanam, Dhanista 1,2 )
(December 21st to January 20th)

This week is a progressive one on all fronts. Opportunities come in your way and it is up to you to convert them into what you want. There may be some minor problems on domestic front. Some of the natives will possess fixed assets.

Some of the natives will face some problems with Government organizations. Care is advised on your job front as some of your colleagues will try to tarnish your image. One of your relative’s health may cause concern. Travels will be fruitful.


Exercise more caution from 30 th to 2 nd January 2005.

Perform milk Abhishekam to Lord Rahu every month.

Aquarius / Kumba Rasi

(Dhanista 3, 4; Satabhisham, Pooravabhadra 1, 2, 3)
(January 20th to February 18th)

Majority of the natives will be in a comfortable position during this week. Unexpected dues if any may be realized, Exercise more care on health front. Travels will be fetching. Your social status may go up. Relations with your family members will improve.

Your social status will go on increasing. Better days are ahead. Utilize each and every opportunity. On financial front, this week is a comfortable one. Unexpected income may come into your account.


Japa has to be performed to Lord Guru at least once in a month.

Pisces / Meena Rasi

(Pooravabhadra 4, Uttarabhadra and Revathi)
(February 18th to March 20th)

Many of the natives will have a sigh of relief due to change of planetary position. On financial front, majority of the natives will be very comfortable and some of the natives on job front will be moved to a place of their choice.

Exercise more care on your life partner’s health. On health front, every care has to be taken to avoid further complications. Better control your emotions.


Perform Japa to Lord Guru and derive more benefits.

Perform pooja to Lord Shiva on Saturday or on Monday.

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