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LEO    July23—-August 22

In the house of Lea we have the potential to express our sense of purpose through creativity. It is after we have discovered what we are on an emotional level in Cancer, that we express this in a dramatic way through Leo. It is in Leo that we need to shine. Trough the ego, which wills us, to pursue a purpose, that will give us rewards, either on a personal, or social level, depending on which house this sign is located in the birth chart. It is in Leo that we are confronted with the ego part of our self. It is where, through the many lessons in life related to the ego that teach us how to use the ego without becoming an egotistical person, but rather come to understand its needs for a purposeful expression. A director for the will, which we need to survive in life. The heart, the center of our being is ruled by this sign, as well as our back, that which keeps us upright.

The Sun, ruler of this sigh, also is the indicator in each individual birth chart, what your birth sign is. Thus showing how your purpose needs to be expressed through how, by sign, and where by house of each and every person. The vital energy, that makes each one of us, a unique individual. It is through a lack of purpose, or direction, to express your purpose, that a person might start having problems with the heart, or the back.