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Example Chart of Albert Einstein

I picked this chart for an example chart. Most everyone knows something about Albert Einstein; this includes the achievements he made in his life. I would like to show you how, as an Astrologer, I can tell, by looking at a Birth Chart, what a persons possibilities are, from the time they are born.

The first thing, which became apparent to me, was the stellium in the 10th house of the, chart, denoting a powerful personality. The second, two intercepted houses, Scorpio, and Taurus. Intercepted houses act much like areas of life stuck in a closet, and someone has thrown away the key. Meaning his environment did not allow him to experience these areas of live. When a sign is intercepted, the need to express, which is the planet of the ruling sign, does not function. Not until later on in life when a person has learned certain experiences, at which time, those areas might start to function. At the same time other areas of the chart are emphasized much larger. In this case the 1st and 2nd as well as the 7th and 8th house of the chart.


On the first and second house makes it apparent that Mr. Einstein was born with the ability to retain that which he had learned. Cancer, amongst others, gives us the ability to tap in to the memory bank, learning from past experiences. It also gave him the availability to build substance for the future 2nd house. The Moon, ruler of the sign Cancer, resides in the sixth house, the house where one learns about how to develop income potential, in other words, in this case his talents. This is in the sign of Sagitarrius. Sagitarrius urges, amongst other, the need to expand yourself beyond lower education, to set goals for the future, which in this case was developing his academic skills. Cancer also presents us with the ability to nurture. In this case Mr. Einstein nurtured his ability to learn like a mother would nurture a child.

This is what he projected of himself, and how other came to know him, as the 1st house also indicates how we project our personality out in to the world, or, how other see us. However, by calculating the chart according to the qualities and elements, I found the underlying energies much different than the watery element of the first house. This was fiery, full of purpose, determination, and a very strong will.


This is what we see on the 3rd house the underlying Leo energy of the chart. Fixed-fire in quality and element, with a strong will to succeed. Even when he entered elementary school this energy existed. The Sun in the 10th house, ruler of Leo, resides in the sign of Pisces. This sign, amongst others, rules the third level of unconscious energy, the access to wisdom. In the position the Sun conjunct Mercury and being part of the stellium in the 10th house gives me an indication of genius, and social recognition for the talents he possessed.


On the 4th house urges the need to actively use his ability to analyze and discriminate, in order to perfect his talent. This gets expressed in the 10th house. Mercury resides in the sign of Aries, expressing the need to initiate new ideas, and concepts, adding on to the knowledge he already possessed. Aries is on the 11th house cusp, urging the need of initiating activity of a futuristic nature.


On the 5th house cusp. This is the house of self-expression. Libra on the cusp urges the need for relationships; it’s a relative sign. It is ruled by Venus, also residing in the 10th house, in Aries. This shows that he valued his purpose of futuristic ideas much more than he would a relationship on a personal level.


Intercepted in this house does not have a need under those circumstances to be expressed. It urges the need to evaluate our ego in personal relationships, or with other people. Einstein’s relationship was on a different level. Pluto in this case, ruler of Scorpio, the key to unlock the closet, does not function, and is also in the intercepted sign of Taurus, the opposite sign of Scorpio.


On the 6th house urges the need to expand. This became part of his daily routine. Jupiter the ruling planet of this sign is expressed in the 9th house in the sign of Aquarius. The need to be more than he was taught to be. To be truly a unique individual. A sign of new concepts and new ideas. To break away from old ideas and social structures to be replaced by new ones, not always based on facts 9th house.


On the 7th and 8th house. The need for a social identity. Living at once within, and without the limitations of the social structure. Based on academic standards, reaching outside it’s limitations by inventing new standards .Capricorn urges the need for a social foundation. On the 7th house, a relationship house, his relationship of his profession became being married to his job. The 8th house describes, amongst others, substances, which have outlived their usefulness, regeneration and rebirth through new concepts of his talents on an academic level. This is being expressed by Saturn in the 10th house, the ruler of Capricorn, is in the sign of Aries. Saturn the great limiter, until you do it right, is conjunct Mercury, both in the sign of initiating Aries, new futuristic ideas 11th house on a mental level Mercury.


On the 9th house urges the need for a unique individual, to be more than what he was taught to be, as previously stated. Jupiter opposes Uranus the ruler of Aquarius expressing to balance the ever expanding, futuristic ideas with those of sudden changes Uranus, of practical applications. Both Jupiter and Uranus square Pluto, a very challenging aspect. Jupiter is a social planet both Uranus and Pluto unconscious planet. Uranus standing all alone in the lower part of the chart, in the mutable sign of Virgo, which, amongst others, urges the need to be practical and logical.


On the 10th house cusp has been explained to a certain extend. The sign Pisces however, urges the need of humanitarian qualities. To overcome past limitations of the self and through that come to understand that all of us, including Mr. Einstein, are part of a larger whole. Only one in the chain of humanity. It is through what we contribute of our self to all of society, and how we contribute, is for the good of all of humanity. Yet Neptune the ruler of this sign, the great dissolver, is in the intercepted sign of Taurus, forming a trine with Uranus, dissolving the need for personal values of a social identity for the good of the mental analytical application. This is through which Mr. Einstein gained his social recognition 10th house.


On the 11th house urges the need to initiate new and futuristic ideas. Mars ruler of this sign resides in the 7th house in the sign of Capricorn. Mars is in the third decanate, meaning Mars is co-ruled by Mercury. As we already have talked about earlier in the chart, his 4th house Virgo, but also his 12th house Gimini. Mars is expressed here to actively initiate new applications in the field of science go beyond that which already exist.


Here we arrive at the last house of the chart, the 12th house. The 12th house in which we need to review, when we come to the last of the cycle, those experiences we have had en what was learned in the areas of life past through, before we start en other cycle. It is a house representing large institutions of all kinds, such as; government, jails, hospitals and schools. Gimini represents amongst others, communication. It is my believe when coming to the end of this chart, that Mr. Einstein viewed the whole world and everything that was around it as his school. He became what he was handed at birth, embraced it, and acted with a purpose of will and energy.