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Lord Nrusimha Swamy

Thursday Features

Vigneswara Prarthana

Parabrahma Prathah Smaranam

Guru Parampara Strotram

Rajarajeswari Astottaranamavali

Rajarajeswari Asthakam

Sri Sadguru Malayala Swamy Stotram

Shirdi Sai Baba Shatanamavali

Dattatreya Shatanamavali

Raghavendra Shatanamavali

Preferred offering to dieties on the day: Sugar

Festivals & Observations

November 16, 2017: Gotri Ratri Vrat, Maasa Sivarati, Vrusthchika Sankranthi

November 18, 2017: Pradeepamavasya, Kaumudyutsaham

November 19, 2017: Anuradha Karthe, Chandra Darsanam

November 21, 2017: Ananta Tritiya, Yoga Tritiya, Rambha Vratam

November 22, 2017: Krushcha Chaturthi, Varada Chaturdasi

November 23, 2017: Naaga Panchami, Puttaparthi Saibaba Jayanthi

November 24, 2017: Subrahmanya Shashti

November 25, 2017: Mitra Saptami, Nanda Saptami

November 27, 2017: Kala Bhairavasthami, Pralaya Kalpadi

November 29, 2017: Sukramaudyami Start, Padardha Vrat

November 30, 2017: Geeta Jayanthi, Mokshada Ekadasi

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