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Cross of Consciousness


What does the symbol of the cross mean? We tend to take everything at face value, without examining the underlying meaning. In other words: not looking behind the meaning of the symbol.

This cross came to me in a vision. The explanation you are about to read is part of this also. I’m not a chandler, nor a visionary. Having had visions in the past, which I shrugged of, never believing them to be valid. This however, was not to be shrugged off, and upon further analyzing I realized why.

Lets take the symbol of the Earth for instance which is represented by the cross. A cross- enclosed by a circle. This represents all material existence, in other words, everything our conscious mind relates to, or, can understand. The conscious mind can not understand what it can not see. Some call this spirit, or soul. Spirit does exist. Every human being is both.

When spirit takes responsibility to become a material being trough birth, does not mean spirit no longer exists, it only takes on an envelope, a body, to be able to experience, for the sake of the spirit. You could say �spirit goes to school�.� New age mumbo jumbo� you might say, to which I would say, �hog wash�.

Lets examine this closely. Those that believe in the western traditional religious believes use the symbol of the cross, in most cases, to express their believes. �Jesus � after all was nailed to the cross, crucified for our sins. Or was it simply His spirit, just like ours, took on live here on Earth, on the material plane?

This cross exists in the birth chart as well. It represents the four cardinal points. It also exists in the sign of Fortuna, a small cross- encircled, placed in a certain house position. Could this be where we learn, trough having a harder lesson than in the other houses? There are also twelve houses, just like the number of Disciples. The Kabala speaks of the �twelve tribes of Israel�. In Ezekiel1:4-28 we also get an education in astrology. It is no coincidence when it portrays the four faces one of Man, Bull, Lion, and Eagle, placed on a wheel, � and where the wheel goes they go also�. It represents the elements of the zodiac signs.

Lets not forget that the Bible has been translated many times. What got lost in the interpretation? Are we believing the right way? Not that I’m implying that astrology should be a believe, it is not. However, believing in what a higher Energy has created in each, an every one of us that I do believe. It is trough understanding that , and loving that which has been created in us, taking responsibility for all that we are, which by the way is both good, and bad. This is the school that spirit goes to, the school of life, to try and find a perfect balance between good and bad, between spirit, and material.

This higher Energy, what ever you may wish to call that in your religion, has created all of us equal. Spirit does not know the difference between race, and religion. It is mankind that has created this �being more special� in one way, or another after all, more powerful by creating weakness in an other person has its advantages. We are all special or we would not be here.

The reason we have all been created with our good, and bad qualities is to be an example for each other. How would we learn, for instance, to differentiate between the two, if there was no example. How would we know dark, from light, if it was only light, or dark? Could this have been our first lesson, and that is why we have the Sun, and the Moon? The daylight to use our material body, the night to reflect, and trough rest renew our physical body while at the same time exist in the unconscious world, the dream world get in touch with the spiritual realm.

We have so much to learn yet about who, and what we are. Yet we get got up in the material, and forget about the spiritual. We only need to look around us and see the frustration, and stress, that exists in our life on a daily bases. The reason for this is that we are out of balance. We don’t take time to look behind what we think our reality is.

We all make mistakes, we learn through our mistakes. They are wonderful as long as we learn from them. It takes maturity to be able to understand, and differentiate. When you are able to do that you will understand what I’m talking about, after all it is only an experience to be Human.