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Once a month this web-site will write an article. This is the first article. It will help those that are not familiar with astrology. I will keep it simple so every one can read it, as astrologers have their own language, which tends to get to technical sometimes, for some one that has no understanding about the subject.



Most children today go to day care. Later on to pre-school, on to grade, and high school. These children learn at a very young age to interact with others. What we have to understand is, that all of these children might have different astrological signs. Yet it is interesting to watch children interact with each other, it is an education in it self.

Even though they belong to different signs, there are certain elements of these signs that draws others of the same element together.

All these children however, get the same education. This is what is wrong with our school system of today. Not every child has the same ability in the educational curriculum of today. We are dealing with Fire, Earth, Air, and Water elements, beside the qualities of the signs. A Fire element child does not possess the patience of an Earth element child. An Air element child feels constricted being held down in a practical Earth environment. A Water element child does not have the ability to work out their emotional experience in a high geared, practical way.

Now a lot depends what the birth sign of the teacher is, and how she can relate, to say, someone, that has an opposing birth sign to one of the students, or a challenging aspect.

All these examples are those that are lacking in understanding in our educational system of today. Every child is smart and wants to contribute of his/her ability. It just depends on how the interaction of the teacher- child relationship, and the subject they are taught, is presented, and grasp on the level of element.

Yet these children are all graded the on the same level. Leaving those that don’t understand, on the same level, behind. These children feel inadequate about their self and live with daily stress in their school environment.

Later on these �so called losers�, for the cruelty starts early, not being able to keep up, form groups with others in the same situation. The smart ones, those that excel academically, have their own circle. The rewards of excellence, always gets rewarded.

Yet put all those �so called losers� together and give them the opportunity to express their self in a different kind of education and they to would excel, where others wouldn’t.

Instead we have children killing children, and their teachers. The peer pressure becomes too much, they can’t take it any more. Being tired of being a loser, not fitting in, lack of understanding of ability, and their needs, the best children reach a breaking point. This has nothing to do with our teachers of today, or the level of education they have received. It is a total lack of being able to communicate the needs of the different elements in the birth sign of the children.

This carries on in the job environment, where the same energy prevails. Being labeled brings with it stress and frustration. Yet if an employer would have an understanding of the element of his employee, would place this employee in the right position, could change a lot of frustration on both sides.

I know we can’t have schools where each child gets to express the best it can be, based on astrological ability of quality, and element. What a shame. How nice it would be if each child would be a success, according to its needs, and abilities. They would make a positive contribution later on in the working environment. What is see now, when a child can’t express it self in a positive way, it will do it in a negative way to be noticed.