Neptune In 7th House

The Neptune in 7th house aspect is said to have an indirect influence on people and how they react to others. The natives of this aspect are frequently highly creative, idealistic, and susceptible to being carried away by their fantasies. Their actions are typically influenced by what they envision in their mind\’s eye, and they tend to be very empathetic.

They can, however, be swiftly influenced by the thoughts of others and may have a hard time dealing with criticism. Their actions are frequently governed by their emotions, and they can be highly unpredictable. Overall, Neptune in the seventh house aspect has both beneficial and harmful effects on individuals depending on how it is used.

An Altruistic Personality

The 7th house is ruled by Neptune, and the planet\’s symbol is a fish. People with Neptune in the 7th house must be careful not to get so involved in the notion of providing more than they are receiving. It\’s crucial to remember that relationships should be balanced, and giving too much of oneself can result in feelings of jealousy.

That being said, there is something to be said for the idea of selfless love. When we give without expectation, we open ourselves up to the possibility of true intimacy and connection.

And while it may not always be easy, it can be incredibly rewarding. So if you find yourself in a relationship with someone who has Neptune in the 7th house, try to remember that they\’re probably just trying to show you how much they care.m, are not in any way committed, or can’t be only with them. Those who grow to be dependent on others are also their favorite type in the world.

In astrology, the 7th house is associated with relationships, and Neptune is the planet of fantasy and idealism. When these two factors come together, it can create a situation in which people put their lover on a pedestal, seeing only the best in them and glossing over any flaws. This can be problematic, as it can lead to disappointment when the relationship doesn\’t live up to the unrealistic expectations.

Additionally, it can make it difficult to resolve conflicts, as people with Neptune in the 7th house may be unwilling to face the negative aspects of their partner. Ultimately, it is important to remember that no one is perfect and that even the most beautiful relationships require effort and compromise. By staying grounded in reality, people with Neptune in the 7th house can find lasting happiness in their relationships.

The Goods And The Bads

People with Neptune in their seventh house are driven by their own sense of what\’s right and wrong. They\’re highly idealistic, and they want their relationships to reflect their high ideals. They can be very compassionate and understanding, but they can also be easily hurt if their ideas are not met.

These people need a partner who is honest, loyal, and committed to working together for the greater good. They need someone who shares their values and who is willing to make sacrifices for the relationship. If they can find a partner who meets their high standards, they will be able to create a beautiful and fulfilling relationship.

Neptune in the 7th house is often seen in charts of those who are highly empathetic and compassionate people. They have a strong desire to help others and make a difference in the world. However, Neptune in this position can also indicate that these individuals may have difficulty saying \”no\” when asked for help.

As a result, they may often find themselves taking on more than they can handle. This can lead to problems in both their personal and professional lives. While it is commendable to want to help others, it is important for those with Neptune in the 7th house to remember to take care of their own needs first. Otherwise, they may quickly become overwhelmed and unable to truly be there for those who need them.

It represents our ability to be compassionate, have spiritual insights, and be imaginative. Neptune is also about escapism, addiction, and deception. So when Neptune is in the 7th house, we may find ourselves attracted to people who are mysterious or who we can\’t quite figure out. There may be an element of idealization with this placement, as we see our partner as the perfect soulmate.

We may also ignore red flags or signs that something is not right. This can be a tricky placement, as Neptune can represent both the best and worst in a relationship. On the positive side, Neptune in the 7th house can indicate a very deep spiritual connection with our partner. We may feel like we knew them in a past life or that we have a soul connection.

There can be a strong sense of empathy and compassion with this placement. We may also find ourselves attracted to creative or artistic types. On the negative side, Neptune in the 7th house can indicate a relationship that is based on deception or lies.

Those with Neptune in the 7th house may feel like they are constantly under stress and pressure. They may feel like they are always nervous and on edge. Their Neptune energy may cause them to put a lot of pressure on their partner or lover. They may want their partner to help them with their problems and give them a hand.

This can be a very difficult position for both the Neptune person and their partner. The Neptune person may need to learn to relax and take some time for themselves. Their partner may need to be patient and understanding. If they can work together, they can find a way to make this placement work for them.

Final Thoughts

Neptune in the 7th house can be a difficult placement. Those in this position may feel like they are constantly under stress and pressure. They may feel like their relationship is based on deception or lies.

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