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Home » Other Astrological Information » Events / Festivals » Lord Subramanya Shashti

Lord Subramanya Shashti

Lord Subramanya Shashti

Lord Subramanya Swamy is considered to be the universal lord who blesses human beings and helps them get rid of their sins. Lord Subrahmanya is worshipped in India (mostly South India), Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore. The natives who are suffering from financial crisis, delay in marriages, and those who are prone to frequent accidents are advised to offer prayers to Lord Subramanya Swamy on this auscipicious day by performing abhishekam to Lord Subramanya Swamy.

Natives in their natal chart, if Kuja is positioned in the 8th house from moon sign or having Kuja Dosha or under Kuja Dosha or antar dasa, the effect of Kuja will be very severe. The natives are advised to perform necessary pooja on the auscipicious day of Subramnaya Shashti to get rid off thier problems. The natives are advised to perform pooja with utmost faith to seek His blessing of Lord Subramanyeswara Swamy who could solve your problems. The natives are advised to perform milk abhishekam to Lord Kuja on that day along with the natives name and gotra to get rid of their problems and seek His blessings.

Natives are advised to recite the Lord Subramanya Astothram on Tuesdays regularly to get rid of their problems and seek His blessings.

May Lord Subramanya Swamy shower His blessings on you.

Sree Subramhanya Astothram

The Astothram provides various names of Lord Subrahmanya Swamy

Om Skandaya namah
Om Guhaya namah
Om Shanmu-khaya namah
Om Phala-netraya namah
Om Prabhave namah
Om Pinga-laya namah
Om Krutti-kasunave namah
Om Shikhi-vahaya namah
Om Dvishad-bhujaya namah
Om Dvishan-netraya namah
Om Shakti-dharaya namah
Om Pishitasha-prabham-janaya namah
Om Tarakasura samhartre namah
Om Rakshobala-vimardanaya namah
Om Mattaya namah
Om Pramattaya namah
Om Unmattaya namah
Om Surasainya-surakshakaya namah
Om Devasena-pataye namah
Om Pragnyaya namah
Om Krupalave namah
Om Bhakthavastalaya namah
Om Uma-sutaya namah
Om Shakti-dharaya namah
Om Kumaraya namah
Om Kroumcha-daranaya namah
Om Senanaye namah
Om Agni-janmane namah
Om Visha-khaya namah
Om Shankaratmajaya namah
Om Shiva-swamine namah
Om Guna-swamine namah
Om Sarwa-swamine namah
Om Sana-tanaya namah
Om Anamta-shaktaye namah
Om Akshobhyaya namah
Om Parvati priya-nanda-naya namah
Om Ganga-sutaya namah
Om Sharo-bhutaya namah
Om Aahutaya namah
Om Pavakatmajaya namah
Om Jrumbhaya namah
Om Prajrumbhaya namah
Om Ujrumbhaya namah
Om Kamala-sana-samstu-taya namah
Om Ykavarnaya namah
Om Dvivarnaya namah
Om Trivarnaya namah
Om Sumanoha-raya namah
Om Chaturwarnaya namah
Om Pancha-varnaya namah
Om Praja-pataye namah
Om Ahaspataye namah
Om Agni-garbhaya namah
Om Shami-garbhaya namah
Om Vishwa-retase namah
Om Sura-rigne namah
Om Hari-dwarnaya namah
Om Shubha-karaya namah
Om Vatave namah
Om Vatu-vesha-bhrute namah
Om Pushaya namah
Om Gabhastine namah
Om Gaha-naya namah
Om Chandra-varnaya namah
Om Kala-dharaya namah
Om Maya-dharaya namah
Om Maha-maene namah
Om Kaivalyaya namah
Om Shankara-tmajaya namah
Om Vishwayonaye namah
Om Ameyatmaya namah
Om Tejonidhaye namah
Om Anamayaya namah
Om Para-meshtine namah
Om Para-bramhaya namah
Om Veda-garbhaya namah
Om Verat-putaya namah
Om Pulinda-kanya-bhartaya namah
Om Mahasara-swatavrutaya namah
Om Aashrita-khiladatre namah
Om Choragnaya namah
Om Roga-nashanaya namah
Om Anamta-murtaye namah
Om Aananda-daya namah
Om Shikhandi-kruta ketanaya namah
Om Dambhaya namah
Om Parama-dambhaya namah
Om Maha-dambhaya namah
Om Vrushamkapaye namah
Om Karano-patta-dehaya namah
Om Karana-teeta-vigrahaya namah
Om Aneswa-raya namah
Om Amrutaya namah
Om Pranaya namah
Om Prana-yama-parayanaya namah
Om Virudha-hantre namah
Om Veeragnaya namah
Om Rakta-syaya namah
Om Shyama-kandha-raya namah
Om Subramhanyaya namah
Om Guhaya namah
Om Pritaya namah
Om Bramhanyaya namah
Om Bramhana priyaya namah
Om Veda-vedyaya namah
Om Akshaya-phala-daya namah
Om Valli-devasena-sameta subramanya swamiye namah
Om naanavidha parimala pathra pushpaanni samarpyami.

When is Subramanya Shashti?

Subramanya Shashti falls on the following days in the respective years:

2012: Tuesday, December 18
2009: Sunday, November 22, 2009
2008: Thursday, December 4, 2008
2007: Saturday, December 15, 2007
2006: Sunday, November 26, 2006

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