Mars in 7th House

Do you have Mars in 7th House of your natal chart? If so, you are probably a very passionate person who loves to fight for what you believe in. This can be a challenging placement, but it can also be very rewarding.

In this blog post, we will discuss the characteristics of Mars in 7th House and how to make the most of this placement.

Meaning And Significance

Mars is the planet of energy, action, and desire. Mars in 7th house symbolizes our engagement with others, how we relate to them, and what we expect from them. This placement often indicates a strong need for companionship and close relationships.

It is often considered to be a very positive placement. This placement often gives a person a lot of charisma and charm, making them very attractive to others. They may also have a strong sexual appetite and be very passionate in their relationships.

However, Mars in 7th House can also indicate aggressiveness or impatience that can cause problems in relationships. This placement often requires a lot of patience and understanding to make it work well. Overall, Mars in 7th House is considered to be a very positive placement that can bring a lot of energy and vigor to relationships.

The Areas Affected Due To Mars In 7th House

1. Love Life

This placement is said to have an impact on one\’s love life. Those with Mars in 7th house are said to be attracted to partners who are Mars-like in some way – ambitious, assertive, and passionate. The Mars person can help the seventh house person to focus their energies and achieve their goals. The Mars person may also bring conflict and competition into the relationship. Ultimately, Mars in 7th house is about how we connect with others and what we need from them.

2. Career And Profession

Mars in the 7th house is often associated with Mars-ruled professions such as police work, firefighting, or the military. Mars in the seventh house can also indicate a need for independence and autonomy in one\’s career. Those with this placement may prefer to work alone or be self-employed.

People in this placement are highly active people. They will never be satisfied with a desk job or any other sedentary line of work. They need to be constantly on the move, whether it’s traveling for business or engaging in some sort of physical activity.

Mars in 7th House people make great salespeople, real estate agents, and athletes. They are also natural-born leaders and often do well in management positions. However, their Mars energy can also make them impatient and confrontational.

They may have a hard time following orders from others and may butt heads with authority figures. Mars in 7th House cusp natives need to learn how to channel their Mars energy positively if they want to be successful in their chosen career.

3. Personality Traits

Mars in 7th house is said to have an impact on one\’s personality. Those with this placement are said to be attracted to partners who are assertive and confident. They may also be drawn to those who are aggressive or domineering.

Compared to other placements, is also said to give one a strong need for independence. This need may manifest itself in the form of a desire to travel or explore new things. They are also said to give a competitive streak. This competitive nature may manifest itself in the form of a desire to win or achieve success.

Mars in 7th house is also said to make one more independent and self-sufficient. This need for independence can sometimes manifest itself as aloofness or detachment from others. Mars in 7th house is also said to make one more assertive and aggressive. This side of Mars in 7th house can sometimes manifest itself as impatience or impulsive behavior.

4. Relationship With Family And Friends

Mars in 7th house is all about how you relate to others, and specifically, how you assert yourself. The Mars person is often quite direct, and can sometimes come across as pushy or even aggressive. However, they also tend to be very honest and upfront, which can be a refreshing change for those who are used to more passive partners. Mars in 7th house can also indicate a strong desire for closeness and intimacy, and this can sometimes manifest as an intensity that can be overwhelming for others. They are often indicative of strong bonds with family and friends, as well as a capacity for deep commitment in relationships.

The Positive Traits Of Mars In 7th House

This placement suggests a preference for social harmony and a willingness to get along with others. In general, people with Mars in 7th House have a strong will and a lot of initiative, which are traits associated with Mars. People with this personality type are likely to be driven and competitive, but they also value cooperation.

This position allows them to be both self-sufficient and part of a larger group. The placement of Mars in 7th House also suggests a desire for harmony and peace. Relationships that provide a sense of security and constancy are particularly appealing to people with this type of personality trait. It is common for them to seek a partner who is equal to them and to strive for accord in all of their relationships.

We must work together and compromise when Mars rules the 7th House. People in this group are looking for an opportunity where they can work together toward common goals. Trust, respect, and cooperation are highly prized in their interpersonal relationships.

They are at their best when they are contributing to something greater than themselves. The 7th House is ruled by Mars, so people with Mars there will likely find happiness in relationships, friendships, and causes they care about.

The Negative Traits Of Mars In 7th House

Relationship conflicts can arise as one of Mars\’ main challenges when placed here. That\’s because assertiveness, aggression, and competition are all hallmarks of Mars\’ atmosphere. When Mars is in 7th house, these energies are focused on others, which can lead to a lot of disagreements and conflicts between family members and close friends.

Those born with Mars in 7th house are more likely to be perceived as domineering and inflexible. Dominance can be perceived as a result of a strong desire to be in charge of every situation. Though Mars is a passionate planet, it\’s important to keep that in mind. Even though there may be some difficulties, this position can lead to a great deal of passion and intensity in all aspects of one\’s life.


Mars in 7th house is about how you assert yourself and Mars here gives a strong will and lots of initiative. If Mars is poorly aspected, it can cause difficulties in relationships due to its aggressive nature. However, Mars in 7th house also has many positive traits such as a desire for harmony and a preference for social cooperation. Those with Mars in this position are often at their best when working toward something greater than themselves.