Mercury in 6th House

Mercury in 6th house impacts daily activities and health. Mercury reminds us that routine and details count. Mercury in 6th house also encourages health. This placement highlights Mercury’s logic. Some careers need helping others or solid communication skills. Mercury in 6th house signifies structure and order, and it tells us to notice big and small […]

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Mercury In 4th House

Mercury in the 4th house brings familial happiness. Increased communication and closeness will result. Mercury says family members will assist one another. This is good for studying, especially if Mercury is conjunct Jupiter or Venus. It boosts intelligence and quick thinking. They’ll have original problem-solving ideas. Mercury in the 4th house helps the locals remember

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Mercury in 10th House

Mercury in 10th house rules reputation. The 10th house governs a person’s career, reputation, and social standing. Mercury in 10th house makes us excellent marketers and astute. Mercury in 10th house can also cause us to be agitated. We may change jobs frequently. Mercury in 10th house promotes socialization and networking. We might be labeled

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Mercury in 1st House

Mercury in 1st house bestows communication talents. They can readily express themselves. They grasp others\’ perspectives. Mercury in the first house makes exceptional communicators and mediators. They see both sides of every problem and help others see their logic. Mercury in the first house also brings fast thinking and wit. They\’re always creative and forward-thinking.

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